Taxis & Private Hire in Singapore

Taxis or private hire cars offer all-hours convenience and door-to-door comfort.

In Singapore, you can flag a taxi along the street or at designated taxi stands, or book a ride anytime via mobile apps.

Getting a Ride

There are many ways to get from door to door via taxis or private hire cars (PHCs). Both can be booked through mobile apps or by telephone bookings, while taxis can also be hailed along roads or at designated taxi stands or taxi stops.

Taxi metered fares are calculated based on distance and surcharges may apply. There are no changes to existing fare regulations for street-hail trips. Metered fares will still continue to be charged for street-hail trips.

For ride-hail trips, the new regulations will ensure that licensed ride-hail service operators can continue to offer metered fare trips on taxis. Licensed ride-hail service operators will also be able to independently set fares for ride-hail trips on taxis and PHCs. The flat fare to be charged for taxi and PHC bookings by licensed ride-hail service operators must be indicated clearly within the app and provided upfront to the commuter.

Taxi Fares & Payment Methods

Taxi fares in Singapore are determined independently and privately by taxi companies. All rides are metered and fares vary across taxi operators. There may be surcharges depending on the time and type of booking, location, and taxi model.

The LTA, together with the Public Transport Council, works with operators to ensure that certain aspects of fares remain standardized and easy to understand.

Payment modes

Peak period, 6 am - 9.30 am, Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays), 6 pm to midnight, every day including public holidays.
the booking fee is $3.30 for all companies, except for Premier $4.50 and Prime $3.50.

For all other times, the booking fee is $2.30 for all companies, except for Premier and Prime ($2.50).

Taxi Operators

There are seven taxi operators in Singapore, each distinguished by their unique fleet livery.

A typical saloon-car taxi can seat up to four adult passengers. Premium taxi services accommodate more people or luggage and offer a more luxurious ride.

Find out more about each operator’s services by visiting their websites.

You can call the taxi operators directly, or use their apps:

Comfort and CityCab

ComfortDelGro Taxi is the leading taxi operator in Singapore with a fleet of about 10,000 Comfort and CityCab taxis. ComfortDelGro Taxi offers taxi services round-the-clock. Book a taxi via the ComfortDelGro App.

Booking Fee: Peak period: $3.30 | All other times: $2.30

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Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand, multi-service tech platform providing access to a wide range of services including transport, payments, food delivery, logistics, and many more. Founded in 2010 with providing solutions to Jakarta’s ever-present traffic problems in mind, Gojek started as a call center with a fleet of only 20 motorcycle-taxi drivers (ojek).

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As an everyday app that serves your daily needs, ensuring your safety and security in every experience with us is our top priority. Whether you’re going somewhere, paying for a meal, or ordering in, we’ll always be there to protect you, every step of the way.

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Premier Taxis

Premier Taxis takes pride in delivering the highest quality taxi rides offered in the country and aims to distinguish ourselves as a Premium taxi operator by selecting only the finest vehicles to match superior customer service. Taxi drivers are trained to meet the expectations of the discerning public.

Booking Fee: Peak period: $4.50 | All other times: $2.50

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Prime Taxi

Prime Taxi is one of the smallest and newest players in the Singapore Taxi market, with just under 100 taxi cabs using petrol and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) bi-fuel models since August 2007.

Booking Fee: Peak period: $3.50 | All other times: $2.50

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RYDE is about the journey, not the destination. Every trip is like an adventure, you never know who you will be sharing a ride with. Many beautiful stories are told every day, these stories enrich and remind us of the goodness in us.

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SMRT Corporation

SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) is a public transport service provider. Our primary business is to manage and operate train services on the North-South Line, the East-West Line, the Circle Line, the new Thomson-East Coast Line, and the Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit. This is complemented by our bus, taxi and private hire vehicle services.

Booking Fee: Peak period: $3.30 | All other times: $2.30

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Trans Cab

Trans-cab Services Pte Ltd ("TCS") was incorporated on 28 April 2003 and principally involved in providing an efficient and effective solution to commuters' transportation needs through our fleet of taxis. TCS wholly owns Trans-cab Logistics Pte Ltd ("TLC"), a company principally involved in the sale and purchase of diesel and the operation of diesel pump stations.

Booking Fee: Peak period: $3.30 | All other times: $2.30

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