The Whiskey Library @ The Vagabond Club

“One of the world’s great whiskey bars” – by Whiskey Connoisseur

Join us for a new chapter as one of the world’s great whiskey bars brings you exciting events and affairs at The Whiskey Library. Be entertained by bespoke adventures such as specially curated (sung and told) Jazz stories, intimate theatre sessions, book readings, artist evenings, musical showcases, and even independent film premieres.

All of this while enjoying delightful small bites prepared by the Chef de cuisine at The Vagabond Club Hotel, and of course a choice of 1,000 rare and unique whiskeys available at The Whiskey Library.

Anyone is welcome to have a dram at the bar- we are open to public daily until 02:00am. For the real whiskey lovers, we also curated two membership packages with exclusive benefits.

Check the Whiskey Selection Highlights or visit the website.


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