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Curriculum @ Pariposa Preschool

Pariposa’s Emergent Curriculum The curriculum at Pariposa Preschool is based on an emergent curriculum framework. Wikipedia describes emergent curriculum as a way of planning curriculum based on the student’s interest and passions as well as the teacher’s. To plan an emergent curriculum requires observation, documentation, creative brainstorming, flexibility and patience. Rather than starting with a […]

Enrichment Programs @ Pariposa Preschool

Pariposa Preschool offers the following enrichment programs as part of our core curriculum. The programs are conducted by our partners and trained professionals in house at no additional costs to parents. Lego-education duck-learning Pariposa preschool has partnered Duck Learning to offer LEGO® Education to preschoolers. Pariposa preschool is the first childcare centre to offer this […]