Apero Tennis Mixed Social 2021

Every Thursday | 7 pm - 8.30 pm | Swiss Club Singapore | Level: recreational and intermediate | $10

During phase 3: maximum of 12 players.
If less than 4 players, the event will be cancelled.
First come first serve basis.
If there is a cancellation, a text message will be sent to the contact number provided.

The Fee and Cancellation Policy:
Fee: $10/person including your glass of wine or beer

The fee will be charged upon registration to your membership number at the end of the month.
No refund for cancellation and no show. This will strictly apply.

About Swiss Club Singapore

The Swiss Club was established in 1871 and is one of the oldest and most historic Clubs in Singapore. Located on Bukit Tinggi, it is an elegant and family-friendly retreat surrounded by lush greenery, offering a fabulous setting in the middle of the jungle. We are proud of our wonderful atmosphere and ambiance.

We offer a wide range of sports and other activities and are continually developing our facilities. Our most recent addition was THE GUESTHOUSE, which offers accommodation for visitors and provides offices for our staff. At the same time, we continually expand and improve our sports facilities, and offer a wide range of activities.

Posted in Sports and Fitness Website, Thursday | Posted on January 25, 2021
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