Spring 2020 Showcase – Celebrity Tribute Show

Sunday, 02 February 2020 | 8pm | Resorts World Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre® Resorts World Sentosa

Witness ‘Little Wu Bai’ (Wang Shang), who was even mistaken for the actual Wu Bai by the paparazzi. He will belt out the rock star’s favourites like 《你是我的花朵》 (You are my Flower) and 《冲冲冲》(Rushing)。

Say hello to ‘Little Jacky Wu’ (Mei Dong Sheng), an accomplished variety show host known for his humour and the high spirits he brings to his shows, along with his catchphrase ‘真是見鬼啦!’

Come face to face with ‘Little Andy Lau’ (Zhang Kai), sometimes affectionately known as ‘L.A. Andy Lau’ for having lived there, looking and singing like him. This ‘auntie killer’ has fans all over the world because of his good looks and muscular build! If you’re lucky, you might even get to hear the voices of other celebrities such as Jacky Cheung, Jay Chou and Fei Yu Qing!

Together, all three artistes will make you believe that each of these celebrities are actually here in person. Come enjoy the banter and memorable music from these three ‘Kings of Kings’ as they accompany your Lunar New Year Celebrations next February.

Mark your calendars and book your tickets!

Sunday, 03 February 2020 | 8pm | Resorts World Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre® Resorts World Sentosa

Veteran Taiwanese singer Michelle Hsieh has a career that spans over 30 years and over 80 albums, with a wide repertoire that includes songs such as 三十年代名曲- 桃李争春, 雪里红, 民歌小调- 初一到十五, 知道不知道, 怀旧经典情歌- 梦难忘 and 落花流水.

Having started his singing career back in the 90s, Xiao Hei is a unique, Hokkien-speaking Indian singer and best known for his signature song好势了, and has released over 20 Hokkien and Mandarin albums.

Zhuang Xue Zhong emerged as champion of over 70 singing competitions, and is now one of the most sought after male singers in Malaysia, with over 50 albums to his name.

With over 20 albums to her name, Hou Mei Yi is best known for her signature song 兴旺发, written by late Malaysian composer 范俊福, as well as hits such as 阿花, 小雨伞, 行情歹 and 冻袜条.

Veteran Malaysian singer Yao Yi started his singing career at the age of 19, with his debut album 怀念巨星之歌having sold over ten thousand copies in Malaysia and Singapore.

Local Getai singer Zhong Jin Ling has won several awards and gained recognition in the local music industry.

Getai singer Yuan Jin is a popular name in the local scene and is known for her vocal resemblance to the late Teresa Teng.

Sunday, 04 February 2020 | 8pm | Resorts World Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre® Resorts World Sentosa

Hostess-singer-actress Liu Ling Ling has acted in several Mediacorp TV drama serials and was a lead actress in well-received local films such as 881 and 12 Lotus (both by Royston Tan) that have brought her fame in Asia, and even Europe.

Veteran actor-singer Marcus Chin hosts the MediaCorp singing competition 黄金年华 for senior citizens. Besides singing and acting, he is also a radio DJ on Singapore’s Love 972 radio station.

Singer-host-actor Hao Hao has a versatile voice, a strong Singaporean fan base, and has won many Getai awards.

Singer-host-actor Wang Lei is known for his resemblance to popular Taiwanese singer Chen Lei, and has nurtured many young Getai singers over his career.

Singer-comedian-host Tay Ying Ying was talent scouted by local director Jack Neo and has acted in several movies.

Singers-actresses-hostesses Bao Bei Sisters ventured into the local singing scene at the age of 17 and 14 and have since received multiple Getai awards.

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