What does “well-designed” mean to you? Did you know that design can improve the way we live, work, and play, in addition to making something aesthetically pleasing to look at?

At the Singapore Design Week this year, find out how design can transform businesses, empower communities, inspire our lives, and shape our futures. To help you discover the best programmes for you, we’ve organised our events according to four programme tracks.

So, what do you want design to do for you? And discover how design can

• Transform my business
For business leaders, and design, transformation and innovation leads
Stay relevant in this changing economic climate and learn to harness design as a tool for transformation.

• Empower my community
For community advocates and aspiring change-makers
Be the change you wish to see: use design to ignite your cause and to co-create a better world.

• Inspire my everyday
For craft lovers, design enthusiasts and families
Experience how design and craft can evoke joy, express beauty and improve day-to-day living.

• Reimagine my future
For designers, students and educators
Preview design’s potential to push boundaries and reshape the way we live, learn, work and play tomorrow.

Now into its 6th edition, the Singapore Design Week (SDW) 2019 will run from 4 to 17 March 2019. SDW brings together a collection of local and international design activities in Singapore. Organised by the DesignSingapore Council, the SDW is open to the design community, businesses, design students, public sector officers and the general public.

As one of Asia’s premier design festivals, SDW champions design thought leadership by bringing together the design, business and public policy worlds to bring about innovation and solutions to build businesses, engage communities and enrich people’s lives. It is a hub where the best design talents and businesses from Singapore and Asia converge to be showcased to the world; and a platform where Singaporeans and visitors can experience the value of design through delightful activities.

Through SDW, the Council hopes to enhance the synergy among our design partners, and in turn boost Singapore’s profile and attractiveness as a global city for design.

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