Sentosa Island Lights 2019

Sentosa's signature Island Lights returns bigger and better,

with local and international artists as well as boat owners coming together to transform and illuminate Sentosa Cove Village. Find everything you need to get your glow on at Island Lights!

Saturday, 16 November  - 31 December 2019 | 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM| Sentosa Cove | Free Admision 

#Maketime for an evening out with interactive light art curated by Space Objekt. Light up your Instagram feed with immersive art installations, engage in fun-filled activities and indulge in a relaxing dinner by the quay.

Admission: Free (does not include Island Admission)
From now to 31st December, enjoy:
$6 off Grab ride when you use the promo code: SentosaEvenings

Check out seven interactive light art installations curated by design studio Space Objekt including Candy Quartz by Tina Fung and Reza Hasni, an installation that features seesaws set amongst colourful illustrations that represent child-like fun and play.

Also catch Pink, an interactive performance by Polina Korobova which is sure to bring smiles all around with glitter and gifts of cotton candy! She will perform on selected Saturdays from 6:30pm to 10:30pm at Quayside Isle, Fountain Plaza.

Candy Quartz

by Reza Hasni (Singapore) and Tina Fung (Denmark)

This installation celebrates the evolution of wonder and human connections in the creative space Island Lights has evolved into.

This light-hearted installation conveys a visual story through illustrations inspired by the elements of the zodiac and the art of play. Both Fung and Hasni aim to encourage fun, enjoyment and mutual haring through the kinetic movement of the seesaw, which encourages both children and adults to interact and engage.

“When love beckons to you, follow him” (Khalil Gibran, The Prophet)

by Juls (Singapore) and Tina Fung (Denmark)

Merging set design and the art of marking, the halved dome represents the openness to accept and embrace others into our lives, when two become one. The multi-colored panels represent the different auras we emanate, symbolizing the law of attraction that could be complementary, analogous,
primary or secondary. As Khalil Gibran puts it in his book The Prophet, “When love beckons to you, follow him”.

The markings on these panels indicate the paths we take in the many phases we go through - spiritually, emotionally and physically. Sometimes monotonous but self-reflective, other times chaotic but organized. The patterns are an abstract of our journey through discovery, as well as our adventures of self-love and love for others


by LEDscontrol (Barcelona)

Time is a concept deeply embedded in humans since the beginning. Our lives are organised and structured in homogenous sections. Our days are a continuing evolution of structured acts, with hourly guidelines through which we measure time in concrete and rigid units.

This installation explores the perception of time in a sensory way, playing with it through shadows and movement. Motion is presented as a new unit of measure and shadows as its representation. Light impersonates a public speaker, inviting the audience to be part of a sensorial game of space and time.

Beacon of Light

By Tina Fung (Denmark)

“Beacon of Light” is the artist’s interpretation of the typology of a historic building, the lighthouse. Inspired by their site-specific location, the lighthouses symbolise being forward-looking and the help we receive as we navigate through rough waters – financial, personal, business and spiritual.

Fung designed this light installation with her distinctive clean lines and symmetrical form. The three tall lighthouse structures were created with the aim to provide a fun environment that stands tall overlooking the Sentosa Cove marina. They represent protection, guidance and help from divine

As the sun sets, the lighthouses illuminate, making them visible from afar. Just like in times of darkness, we hope the lighthouse gives you the beacon of light, a ray of hope.


by Darel Carey (United States)

From the process of creation to the order of visual striations, this piece by Darel Carey demonstrates a unification of varying dimensions coalescing to serve as one. Each line on its own is an individual, but when all the lines come together they become something more. They transcend their individuality to become something greater than ever possible or imagined on their own, which represents the power of peace and the heights we can reach in unity.


by Polina Korobova (Russia) and Tina Fung (Denmark)

Experience the spirit of sharing at ShimmerShack, a doll house designed by Fung with her signature use of lightplay and coloured acrylic.

Korobova steps in with an interactive performance titled ‘Pink’, using Shimmershack as her stage. With an aim to bring smiles all around, this durational piece kicks off with gifts of pink, fluffy cotton candy for her audience, bringing back nostalgia and excitement in all ages – a symbol of joy for many.

Using glitter as the medium, Korobova will immerse and shower herself in it, gradually transforming into an artwork – the GlitterQueen persona. Her performance explores the innocence within to unleash
the inner child in her.

Expect to be brought into her world of glitter, leaving you with something sparkly, delicious and celebratory.

Catch ‘Pink’ from 6.30pm to 10.30pm on the following dates: 16 and 30 November, and 7, 21 and 28
December 2019.

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