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ExpatSG, Singapore’s most vibrant Expat Community is looking for Expat volunteers to represent their home country and take over roles as:

Event organizers

Be a leader in your community, help your fellow countrymen who are already in town, guide newcomers and represent your country from the best side by telling about your specialities, food & beverages and your country’s culture & traditions.

Who is ExpatSG, what do we do & why do we do that?

ExpatSG was founded by Daniel Deeb Badr in 2016 and is since 2017 the by far the biggest Expat Community in Singapore. Our other brands are All About City and Stammtisch Singapore.

We started these platforms to help Expats from all over the world to integrate faster into Singapore’s multi-cultural community.

ExpatSG moderates more than 100 platforms across Facebook (biggest Expat-group in Singapore, the biggest event group, 55 country groups and more than 25 theme groups), several groups on MeetUp, also accounts on Instagram & Twitter, broadcasts on WhatsApp & Telegram.

Many Expats join our platforms prior arrival to Singapore to get first insights about the city. ExpatSG provides info about Singapore and shares group-title-related content.Singapore set a good example, where people from different cultural/religious backgrounds are peacefully living together. There is no other place in this world where you will find public holidays from different cultures & religions, also different cultural/religious institutions in very close vicinity.

At ExpatSG, we believe that as more people know, understand and learn about other cultures & traditions, as more peacefully they are gonna live together, meet new people and make new friends. Hence, we created platforms for each country to tell about their culture & traditions.

What are we looking for?

All platforms are daily monitored, advertising & spam-free, all submitted articles / events / promotions are subject to an admin’s approval. We are looking for volunteers from all over the world to help represent their home country.

What are the available roles?

Become a moderator of a fan page, theme group or your home country, approve group title-related posts and share title related content, i.e. about your country’s culture & tradition, your events, public holidays, food & beverages.

Event organizers
Organize events for expats & locals, suitable to the theme/country group with access to our platforms like Facebook & MeetUp. We provide locations giving attendees discount on food & beverages.

Be in touch with your country’s embassy, official associations, restaurants & businesses to help them getting free access to the relevant platforms and enjoy access & pre-approval of your posts on most of our platforms.
Also, represent ExpatSG at official events and coordinate with Event organizers, moderators & editors.

What you need to know:

Please note that this roles are all voluntarily, there will be no salary.
But you will have access to our system, meet a lot of new people and get a leader in your community. Sometimes you might have free access to concerts & events all over Singapore.

How to get a moderator/editor, event organizer or ambassador?

Send us a message on WhatsApp with your name, the country you are from and the role you are interested in.