Singapore Pub Crawl

Singapore Pub Crawl offers one of the best social nightlife experiences in this Lion City of Singapore. Patrons get to party all night with friends without burning a hole in their wallets. The team brings party-goers to four bars and one nightclub in each crawl that happens weekly on Wednesdays to Saturdays.

Singapore Pub Crawl came from humble beginnings. It was the brainchild of a dynamic duo, Morgan and
Varman. The two besties wanted to bring fun and spread cheer with everyone in Singapore. They observed how there was no official pub crawl activity in the city. But, that was about to change. The power-packed pals sat together to brainstorm and it wasn’t long later that Singapore Pub Crawl was born.

Over the years, they have been awarded by Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2016, 2017, and 2018
consecutively. They have recently received support by Singapore Tourism Board to promote tourism to
Singapore and increase awareness of social nightlife.
Experience the best of Singapore’s nightlife in a fun and sociable environment – and save a ton of money while doing so! Book Singapore’s most famous pub crawl and party like never before. This walking tour is the ultimate way to discover the city and its numerous pubs, bars and nightclubs. You’ll meet other travellers and share your stories over a drink or two.

The nightlife in Singapore is indeed an incredible experience and we help you in enjoying it to the absolute fullest. By joining the Singapore Pub Crawl, you get to enjoy a fun, amicable and safe environment while saving a whole lot of money.

One pub crawl ticket gets you on the Singapore Pub Crawl through which you can visit 4 pubs and 1 nightclub with alluring free shots and amazing deals on various drinks.

At Singapore Pub Crawl, we aim at providing you with the most amazing pub crawl experience. Book the most popular pub crawl in Singapore and party like never before. With the help of Singapore Pub Crawl, you get the opportunity to explore through numerous venues and enjoy the most popular drinks from those places.