PLAYtime! @ Esplanade Singapore

PLAYtime! is an interactive theatre series for children ages two to six.

Each experience is an opportunity to spark your child’s creativity and encourage learning through the performing arts.

PLAYtime! Amma's Sarees

Directed by Grace Kalaiselvi (Singapore)

Saratha and Rathi live together in a peaceful home, playing hide-and-seek and, telling each other amazing imaginative stories to pass the day. Saratha loves her job as a printmaker! She works with colors, designs, and patterns on her sarees. Rathi wants to join in the fun too!

Friday - Sunday | 5 – 14 March 2021 | 40 mins | Theatre Studio & Online | Esplanade | $20

Friday, 5, 8 – 12 March | 9.30 am
Saturday and Sunday | 6  & 14 March, 11 am | 7  & 13 March, 11 am & 2.30 pm

But Rathi soon realizes something, or rather, someone is missing. She doesn’t know where he has gone, or if he is coming home.

Saratha puts on a brave face, to help Rathi be strong. The mother-daughter pair go on a journey through stories, song, laughter, some tears, and lots and lots of colorful brilliant sarees to find a space where they can truly rely on each other and discover how to be the best family they could ever be.

Directed by Grace Kalaiselvi
Performed by Ruby Jayaseelan, Mumtaj Maricar
Music by Thirukumaran
Production Design by Emanorwatty Saleh
Dramaturgy by Noor Effendy Ibrahim

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PLAYtime! I Nak Fly (I Want to Fly)

Directed by Farah Ong (Singapore)

Friday - Sunday | 5 – 14 March 2021 |40 mins | Theatre Studio & Online | Esplanade | $20

Friday, 5, 8 - 12 March | 11.30 am
Saturday and Sunday | 6 & 14 March,  2.30 pm & 4.30 pm | 7 & 13 March, 4.30 pm

Deonn is intrigued by a bird flying past their house. How beautiful the bird looks, zooming here and there. What wonderful wings it has! Can she also fly? She wishes she had wings too.

She decides an adventure is in order! Inspired by penguins and all the other wonderful and colorful birds that come in different shapes, sizes and patterns, she sets out to learn from the different creatures she encounters along the way.

Deonn’s mother is afraid for her, comforting her when things get too loud and overwhelming. But how can she trust her child to be brave when she is afraid of the smallest things? Join Mother and Deonn as they find a way to be braver together.

Directed by Farah Ong
Performed by Deonn Yang, Chng Xin Xuan
Music by Saedah Samat-Alkaff Set Design by Suryani Asan
Lighting Design by Emanorwatty Saleh
Dramaturgy by Noor Effendy Ibrahim

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PLAYtime! Karung Guni Boy

Directed by Tan Beng Tian | Adapted for the stage by Jean Tay (Singapore)

Daily | 7 – 23 May 2021 | 40 mins | Theatre Studio & Online | Esplanade | $20

Weekday Timings
9.30 am, 11.30 am (except 13 May)
13 May, Thursday: 11 am, 4.30 pm (no shows on 10-11, 17-18 May)
Weekend Timings 11 am, 2.30 pm, 4.30 pm

Things come alive around Karung Guni Boy! With the awesome power of his imagination, he can transform everyday objects into fantastical items.

One day, his friendly neighbor gets hurt, and cannot get around as easily as before. Can Karung Guni Boy invent something to help her out?

Follow the adventures of Karung Guni Boy, a heart-warming story about learning to care for the world and people around us.

Karung Guni Boy is a theatrical adaption of Karung Guni Boy by Lorrain Tan and Eric Wong, published by Epigram Books.

Directed by Tan Beng Tian
Adapted for the stage by Jean Tay
Set Designer Wong Chee Wai
Lighting Designer Gabriel Chan
Composer and Sound Designer: Stan x Soap
Costume Designer Glenna Ng
Original Puppets and Props by Loo Anni
Stage Manager Geraldine Ang
Assistant Stage Manager Ruth Au
Created with Beatrice Chien, Suhaili Safari, Padma Sagaram, Tan Shou Chen, and Julian Wong

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PLAYtime! The Noisy Forest

Composed and Directed by Phang Kok Jun (Singapore)

Daily | 4 – 22 August 2021 | 40 mins | Theatre Studio & Online | Esplanade | $20

Weekday Timings  9.30 am, 11.30 am (except 10 Aug)
10 August, Tuesday | 11 am, 4.30 pm (no shows on 8, 9, 16 & 17 August 2021)
Weekend Timings 11 am, 2.30 pm, 4.30 pm

Everything can be made into music. In The Noisy Forest, noise, and sound, movement and play are all blended into one.

Bang, Clap, Snap! Dance around the noisy forest. There are so many sounds to be made, and vibrations to encounter, so many new noises to discover!

Composer and Director: Phang Kok Jun
Created with: Derek Koh, Ong Kian Sin, Seong Hui Xuan, Sharon Sum, and Joachim Theodore

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