Urang Banjar: Heritage and Culture of the Banjar in Singapore is the fifth installment in MHC’s ‘Se-Nusantara’ series of community co-curated exhibitions and programs on the ethnic-cultural and diversity of the Malay community in Singapore.

This year, the exhibition focuses on the Banjarese community, or ‘Urang Banjar’, who are arguably the smallest group that make up the Malay community in Singapore.

Daily until 25 July 2021 | 10 am – 6 pm (Last admission: 5.30 pm) | Admission is free | Malay Heritage Centre

Many of them are able to trace the journeys of their ancestors from South Kalimantan in Singapore from the late 19th to mid-20th centuries, but also share a common ancestral language, material culture as well as a distinctive set of cultural norms and practices.

The exhibition introduces the urang Banjar as well as their culture and identity through ethnographic objects, community stories, and treasured family belongings, which showcase their strong sense of kinship, industry, and history.

My Babak’s Studio

My Babak’s Studio is inspired by sisters, Fauziah Jamal and Faridah Jamal’s fond childhood memories that were truly filled with sparkling diamonds and gems!

Their late father, Haji Ahmad Jamal whom they affectionately addressed as Babak, is a Banjarese diamond trader and jeweler. Growing up, the sisters remember watching him at work and trying their hands at designing jewelry in his office located in their home at 14 Jalan Pisang, Kampong Gelam.

Explore the studio to discover the sisters’ childhood memories and experience the work that a diamond trader and jewelry designer would do on a typical day.

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