Singapore Pub Crawl

Singapore Pub Crawl
The Fat Pigeon Statue at 80 Raffles Place, UOB Plaza
Phone: + 65 6100 4742
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Singapore Pub Crawl was founded based on passion – a passion for meeting new people, good conversations, fun nights and well, cheap drinks. It was incepted and founded by locals – Mogan and Varman - in 2011 and both of them have since conducted hundreds of crawls between them.

Why join the Singapore Pub Crawl ?

We at the Singapore Pub Crawl believe in spreading the good vibe as well as create value experience for our crawlers. We believe in creating value as well as creating an experience which is truly satisfying to the average party-goer or anyone who wants to meet new people, make new friends, visit popular bars and clubs, experience the Singapore nightlife and most importantly not to break the bank while doing all of this.

What is a pub crawl?  [puhb – krawl]
- Verb. To have drinks at one bar after another
- Noun. A social activity in which a group of people is involved in drinking at a series of pubs, usually at least 4.

Where ?
We meet every Friday and Saturday at the Fat Pigeon Statue beside UOB Plaza (80 Raffles Place) @ 7.30 pm.  We leave to our first bar at 8 pm. Running late? Call our hotline to find out where our first bar is.

Who can join a pub crawl?
Anyone above the legal drinking age looking for social nightlife activity. One who loves to meet new people and make friends. Those who want to experience the Singapore nightlife from a different perspective.

How to join the Singapore Pub Crawl
Sign up via our website or make a reservation at +65 9640 5611

Meeting Point

Our meeting point will be the Fat Pigeon Statue located beside UOB Plaza.
The nearest MRT exit will be Exit G from Raffles MRT Station.
**Find us at the fat pigeon near the river!**

Important Notes

Please bring your ID!
We are not responsible if you are barred from the club so bring your ID to ensure everything goes smoothly!

“If it’s on Jersey Shore, it’s not getting through the door.”
Dress well enough so a club won't have an excuse to turn you away at the end of the pub crawl.
Guys: No shorts/No flip flops
Ladies: Casual/No flip flops
Show your holiday spirit by wearing green/red or white!

7:30 pm(We move off to our first bar at 8:00 pm)

If you are running late or if you find yourself in unfamiliar territory,
Contact our Crawl Leaders: +65 9640 5611

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Location Map for Singapore Pub Crawl

Singapore Pubcrawl meeting point

UOB Plaza Singapore

Meeting Place
UOB Plaza, 80 Raffles place (You are sure to find our crew there!)
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place (Exit G)
**Find us at the fat pigeon near the river!**

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