River HongBao (Feb)

River HongBao (Feb)
The Float @ Marina Bay
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3rd Feb to 10th Feb 2019 at The Float @ Marina Bay!


If you love fireworks, you’ll definitely not want to miss out on this year’s Fireworks Spectacular, where we bring in award-winning fireworks artists from across the globe to light up our night sky in FOUR very distinct and jaw-dropping ways! Watch as they create the ultimate fireworks experience for you with the perfect blend of pyrotechnic art, colours, lights and sounds.


With a 42-year history, Pyro Spectaculars is one of the largest fireworks companies in the United States. Its hallmark displays throughout the years include Summer and Winter Olympics events and 4th July celebrations.


With over 30 years of experience, Tang Hua Fireworks have been deployed at major events including the Beijing and London Olympic Games. Its fireworks have dazzled people all over the world in Europe, America and Asia.


Founded in 1905 and boasting over 110 years of history, the company has put up shows in over 26 countries, from national to sports events to concerts. In 2012, the company entered the World Guinness Record Book with the production of the largest fireworks of the world during the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Arab Emirate's Constitution held in Kuwait City, Kuwait.


Started in 1922 as a one-man show, Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics have grown over four generations into a company specialising in large-scale pyrotechnic and firework displays. They routinely put up fireworks shows over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge for major events like Australia Day, and the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.


These breath-taking larger-than-life lanterns depicting familiar Chinese mythological figures not only offer the perfect photo opportunity for you and your family, they also tell intriguing stories about Chinese cultural legends and myths.

Main Entrance Arch

Welcome to River Hongbao 2019! It is a Chinese tradition to welcome the Lunar New Year with dragon and lion dances. As this year marks the Bicentennial Commemoration of Singapore, you are greeted by a majestic dragon forming the shape of “200” as a grand arch, complemented by a jubilant lion with joyful lion dancers. The phrase “盛世迎春” denotes the celebrating of Spring’s arrival while living in a period of prosperity. We hope you and your family enjoy your visit at River Hongbao 2019!

Entrance Walkway

Your journey in River Hongbao 2019 starts with an entrance spanning 30m comprising rows of archways. The design is a creative mix of traditional motifs and modern elements with a Singaporean touch. The arches are in classic Chinese forms decorated with auspicious characters, hanging lanterns and bird cages. The finishing colours are inspired by the bright hues of Peranakan art and the arch plinths are ornamented with wall tile designs found in local heritage shophouses. As you enjoy this celebratory atmosphere and the rest of the festive displays, remember to take a photo with your loved ones and tag us @RiverHongbao or hashtag #RiverHongbao2019.

Bicentennial Dragon Game

Come and try this interactive game specially designed to tie in with Singapore’s Bicentennial Commemoration. Based on the buzz wire game, this set-piece consists of 2 dragons each shaped like the figure “200”. Game Rules: 1. Two participants compete by guiding a round loop (the “pearl”) with a steady hand through the wire maze along the shape of the dragon’s body, without touching the loop against the metal maze (the “dragon”) 2. If the loop touches the wire, the alarm will sound and the player must restart. 3. The winner is the player who completes the maze in the quickest time, or travels the longest distance within a fixed time. Game Tip: Try to strike a good balance between speed and keeping a steady hand in order to win.


This heartwarming display of togetherness is based on creative wordplay of the phrase: 好事年年. The word for year 年nian sounds like 连 lian which means to connect. The expression 好事年年 thus means continuous good fortune year after year. The characters 年 and 连 are also homonyms with the 莲 lian of 莲花 or lotus flower. Hence amidst the lush lotus flowers and lotus leaves, the display features young and old being together. This is most appropriate as Lunar New Year is a time for reunion with family as reflected in the phrase: 合家团圆, Photo Op Element: You are welcome to sit on the park bench with your family or loved ones to take a photo together and tag us @RiverHongbao or hashtag #RiverHongbao2019.

Samsui Women

Samsui women, also known as hong tou jin红头巾 or “red headscarf”, are pioneer female immigrants who made great contributions to the early development of Singapore. This set piece is to show our appreciation to them, so that we do not overlook or forget their hard work and selflessness (most Samsui women took vows not to marry). Their sacrifice deserves respect and their dedicated spirit should be passed on to future generations. This display also features a giant Chinese character for Home “家” which is made to look like it was constructed using red bricks, a building material commonly used by the Samsui women. Interactive and Photo Op Element: You are welcome to try on the Samsui woman’s costume and props, pose for photo-taking, and tag us @RiverHongbao or hashtag #RiverHongbao2019.

Happiness of Springtime

This majestic display features a beautiful peacock with a spectacular and colourful tail that flows into a garden of flowers. In Chinese decorative art, the peacock symbolises beauty, dignity and optimism while the red-hued lanterns signify happiness, good fortune and a bright future. The blooming garden filled with flowers and butterflies represents the arrival of spring. The expression 春风得意 Chun Feng De Yi invokes the happiness of springtime and taking pride in one’s success. It reflects our confidence and joy as we welcome the Lunar New Year.

Charms of Fortune

This delightful display features Fortune Cats or 招财猫 which are lucky charms believed to attract good luck and fortune. In in the background is a big Chinese character for Spring “春” which denotes the arrival of the new year. The greeting 招财进宝喜洋洋 signifies the ushering in of wealth and prosperity while radiating with joy. In front and surrounded by gold ingots, treasure bags and little fortune kittens, the large Fortune Cat is waving her paw to bring wealth and good blessing all year round to visitors.

Abundance and Prosperity

The traditional Chinese saying 年年有余 nian nian you yu is often associated with fish “鱼” yu because of its identical sound with “余” yu, which means surplus. Hence this is a popular and auspicious New Year greeting as it heralds abundance and prosperity year after year.

Wishing Fountain

This wishing well design is based on the iconic Fountain of Wealth. The original structure is located at Suntec City and is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest fountain in the world. You are invited to throw in some coins or banknotes and make some wishes for yourself, family and friends. To make the wishing more fun, have a go at striking the bells of blessings! All money collected will be donated to charity. *The phrase 功德多福 suggests that good fortune comes to those who do good.

Our Garden, Our Home

This centrepiece is the largest lantern set on The Float at 60m long and 10m tall. It is based on the theme: Our Garden, Our Home“我们的家, 我们的花园城市” In the centre is the ornate floral-patterned gate of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which was established in 1859. In 2015, it was inscribed as the first tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO's World Heritage List. On the left and right are scenes from before and after the founding of modern Singapore including: Sang Nila Utama who named the island Singapura, the “Lion City”, Early trading settlement and the Dragon’s Tooth Gate landmark, Stamford Raffles and Sultan Hussein signing the 1819 Treaty, Early Immigrants working hard in the British Free Port, Building Singapore’s reputation as a transportation hub with Jewel Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines, Living in a progressive & modern Garden City, Transforming into a Smart Nation.

God of Fortune

The God of Fortune is a perennial favourite at River Hongbao as he is the Chinese god of wealth who brings prosperity, luck and fortuitous windfalls. Standing at 18m tall, this year’s God of Fortune is full of energy as he holds his Ruyi ceremonial sceptre in his raised right hand. Ruyi or“如意”, which means “as you wish”, is a good fortune symbol that is believed to help remove obstacles and fulfil one’s wishes. In his left hand is a Chinese scroll with the ever-popular greeting: 恭喜发财 Gong Xi Fa Cai. May the blessings of the God of Fortune shower upon you and your family for a prosperous year ahead!


“A Harbour and Home: The Singapore River Through Time” takes you through a historical ride into our past, exploring the factors that led Singapore to its pinnacle success today. Take a close and personal look into the way of life of our forefathers and how they contributed to Singapore's rise as a global trading port in the early days.

Embark on this eye-opening journey with us in a replica of a junkboat, an important icon for trade that decorated the shores of Singapore in the 1900's.
Entry is free for all members of public.


Chinese New Year is all about get-together fun for the family. Hop on to over 20 thrilling rides and games for a night of fun and entertainment. We are not forgetting the customary feast that we are all “entitled” to during this time of year. Say yes to guilty pleasures just for now and indulge in more than 40 different selections of comfort food that is bound to satisfy the glutton in you!


Hey, good-looking! What if we told you, lookin’ good and dressin’ well can REALLY take you places? Borrowing the ideas of festival fashion and internet challenge culture, River Hongbao 2019 presents the #RHBLookBook Challenge. Stand a chance to win attractive prizes simply by looking your best at River Hongbao 2019!

Moments At River Hongbao

Just imagine - Eight days of splendid sights, vibrant festivities and spectacular fireworks! What a pity it would be, if we simply allow these beautiful moments to slip by undocumented. Moments At River Hongbao is an exciting photography competition co-organized by Canon and River Hongbao 2019. Capture these Moments At River Hongbao with your trusty camera, and stand to win attractive prizes from Canon!


One thing's for sure, we're all excited about hongbaos every Chinese New Year. RHB 2019 is giving away these little packets of happiness this year, and all you have to do is play a mini game of HUAT AH! RHB, to stand a chance at winning great prizes like exclusive entry tickets to the Floating Platform Viewing Gallery, Singapore Flyer passes, limited edition EZ-Link cards and more!

Everyone's a winner at River Hongbao 2019!

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The Float @ Marina Bay

Raffles Avenue, The Float @ Marina Bay, Singapore

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