Singapore’s First Latin American Food Festival returns with a bang!!

LATINADA 2019 will see 10 chefs, 12 restaurants and 13 events across a week of festivities that celebrate the culinary and cultural diversity of Latin America.

Bigger, Better, Bolder: these are the things you can expect at the second installation of LATINADA, the brainchild of Peruvian chef Daniel Chavez, who helms the OLA Kitchen Group.

LATINADA was borne out of a desire to showcase the cuisine and traditions from notable regions of Latin America.

The annual festival will run from 8 September to 16 September this year and chefs from Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Chile will come together in a series of events that will whisk your palates away on a Latino adventure.


Domingo Tropical

by Camp Kilo – Sunday (8th Sept)

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos

by OLA – Monday(9th Sept)


Preludio’s – Tuesday (10th Sept)

 Cuban Night

by Tono – Tuesday (10th Sept)

Peru Mexico

by Tono – Wednesday (11th Sept)

 Chilean Asado

Kilo Kitchen – Thursday (12th Sept)

Rumba Latina!

by Kilo Lounge – Thursday (12th Sept)


by OLA –  Thursday (12 Sept)

Noche Caribeña

by Kilo Kitchen – Friday (13th Sept)

Mexican Street

by Tono – Saturday & Sunday (14th/15th Sept)

Latino Tapas Party

by Kilo Kitchen – Saturday (14th Sept)

Our Journey Back Home

Bochinche – Monday (16th Sept)

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