Alliance Française de Singapour is going to showcase the International Women Photographers Award - 2019 with the partnership of the International Women Photographer Association (IWPA).

In order to promote and encourage the expression of women photographers’ new talents, the Alliances Françaises and InstitutFrançais in Dubai, Beirut, Amman, New Dehli and Riyadh decided to associate to welcome the exhibition of this photography award.

Alliance Française de Singapour – la galerie (2nd floor)
From 6 June to 27 July 2019
Saturday: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Tuesday – Friday: 1pm – 7.30pm
Free entrance

The IWPA exhibition presents a selection of pictures from each photographer. In 2019, the participants could choose between a free theme or the suggested theme: “Fraternity”. The finalists of this year’s award convey various topics from a woman’s perspective through their works. In this exhibition, you will get a chance to explore the meaning of love under the affection of Brexit, understand more about childhood marriage in India, or even get into the life of a touring circus by enjoying the diverse and rich photographs.

The IWPA aims at promoting women photographers all over the world and acting like a global platform to increase their visibility in the eyes of an international audience, amateur or professional. Within the scope of this mission, the IWPA presents a touring exhibition in the main cities and capitals of Middle East, Europe and Asia, showing the works of the laureate and the finalists. Seize the day in the exhibition and let the artworks speak for themselves!

IWPA would like to thank all the photographers who have submitted their photos for the IWPA Award 2019 and is very pleased to announce the Laureate & Finalists 2019:


Laureate :  Wan Chee Chan

Finalists : Felicia Simion - Laura Pannack - Liliana Velázquez - Masha Ahrabi Fard - Maria Contreras Coll - Maryam Firuzi - Olga Kukush - Olya Morvan - Solmaz Daryani - Sidney Lea Le Bour.

Congratulations to all these amazing photographers!

Felicia Simion

Romanian, Bucharest

Through a land of deserts and pits
Atacama Desert, Chile, and Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (July-August 2018)

…through the wilderness, through a land of deserts and of pits, through a land of drought, and of the shadow of death, through a land that no man passed through, and where no man dwelt… (Jeremiah 2:6, King James Bible) Earth.

Laura Pannack

British, London

Love is one of life’s mysteries. It is something that most can relate to and yet there is
no one emotion that defines it. Love can bring elation, it can also bring despair.
Separation explores the angst and myriad emotions experienced by London-based
couples who, as a result of Brexit, have been forced to contemplate separation. With
Britain soon to sever its ties with the European Union, tens of thousands of people
face the possibility of losing their right to work in the UK, not to mention being forced
out of the country that they share with their partner.
Brexit has long garnered column inches for its political implications, but what does it
mean for love?

Liliana Velázquez

Mexican, Mexico

Mahsa Ahrabi Fard

Iranian, Teheran

Little women
Child marriage is a serious issue in Iran’s current sociological climate. According to the law, Iranian girls are ready to be wed at the age of 13
and Iranian boys can take a wife at 15 years old, claiming mere teenagers not yet emancipated from their parents have the sexual and social maturity, civil understanding and competence of starting a family or simply entering a legal contract of such magnitude. The official records of National Organization for Civil Registration show that, in recent years, approximately around 40000 children under 18 get married in Iran, annually. The photo collection presented, is a demonstration on the issue of child marriage in Iran. In some cases, a lot of these kids against the norm of their region’s culture and traditions were coerced to marry young. Younger than 18 and sometimes younger than 13.

Maria Contreras Coll

Spanish, Barcelona

Journey to Impurity
The first menstruation is a turning point for every young woman in the world. In Nepal, this entry into adulthood is tied to a loss of purity. According to the Hindu faith, is seen as a punishment for all women. In rural areas, menstrual women are exiled for a week, a practice known as Chhaupadi Partha. Some are forced to live among the wild stock to please the gods. When they are in their period they are not allowed to enter their houses, visit the temples or cook. Sometimes, they are not even allowed to look or talk to any male relative. So far this year, two women were found dead in the Far West on a menstruation hut. Dozens of women and girls have died in recent years from following this tradition, despite activists’ campaigns and government efforts to end the practice.

Maryam Firuzi


Concealment of the human body has always been a significant consideration from the dawn of civilization up to the rise of technology. The objectivity of such issue becomes problematic when it comes to women in every region. The covering and the clothing of a female body indicate the cultural origins, social caste, and the political and religious atmosphere surrounding that woman. In case of being an Iranian woman, it is more paradoxical. Through the course of history in Iran, this issue has had a lot of Ups and Downs, especially in the last century from the time they were banned from veil in public, to the time they are forced to keep Hijab as an obligation. If I am forced to Conceal myself, I wished nature had done his work in the first place.

Olga Kukush


Scenography of pregnancy
Waiting for a miracle is the time traditionally called of pregnancy. Future parents are happy, everyone is happy. Holiday is in the family.

The emergence of a new life is really a miracle. But this magic has another side that we cannot talk about. The organism of pregnant woman suffers from huge changes – physical, hormonal, psychological. It is often not easy. Women must change their way of life and their habits radically. They often give up their career in favor of caring for children.
What is the world of pregnant woman?

Olya Morvan

Ukraine, Doha, Qatar

Mosul Flashback
My two trips in Mosul ended up by PTSD. I came home angry and I couldn’t look at my photos. Most of my first trip I spent in a small improvised Clinique in Gogjali, a neighbourhood east of Mosul, from where I would travel inside Mosul. In the end we spent most of our time begging Dutch or American military doctors to take children in but it was against the protocol. Some days the media people would stop photographing and would be assisting two American volunteers the Iraqi doctors. Most of the children they patched would not survive the road o Erbil. Liberating Mosul came at a very high human lives cost. It is something so hard to apprehend, so hard to understand for those who where not there. The liberating was horrible and messy with a huge impact on civilian. But I still find Mosul beautiful. I hope one can see that tragic beauty in my photo.

Sidney Léa Le Bour

French, Nantes, France

4:30 in the morning. Minibuses dump men all wearing a djellaba in dozens. They call out to each other, gesticulate and kill time by eating falafels and sipping tea. In less than an hour, the crossroads are full of people. All wait for the same thing: the arrival of the pick-ups that will take them to the limestone quarries. In Al-Minya, it is the main source of work. Almost all working-age men in the area go there 6 days a week. The road is chaotic and like a labyrinth. As the sun is not yet up, it is very cold. Some protect themselves from the wind under tarpaulins, others are wrapped in blankets. The men pile up in the back of the vehicles and huddle together for 30 to 45 minutes.

Solmaz Daryani

Iranian - UK

Iran is “water bankrupt,” and mainly suffering from a socio-economic drought, where water demand exceeds the natural water supply. My country is facing a serious and protracted water crisis and desertification as lakes and rivers once-fertile become barren. water shortages sparked protests in the south of Iran in the last few months. On August 7th, 2018 Iran’s Interior Minister warned that the climate and water crisis in Iran is becoming a  » big social crisis  » and climate migration will change Iran’s face by five years.

Wan Chee Chan

Chine - HK

Artst Statement – Crab Seniors
At Wu Kai Sha, a pier which appears to be like another other beaches in Hong Kong, comes alive at the crack of dawn every morning. The ocean is flled with seniors from around the neighbourhood or even across town. Some go there to swim to keep up with their physical mobility, some go to train for triathlons and ocean marathons, some don’t even know how to swim but bring a foat board with them so they can do stretching in water, some go there to connect and chat with friends, and some take their grandchildren there and teach them swimming.

Location Map

Alliance Française de Singapour

Sarkies Road, Alliance Francaise de Singapour, Singapore

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