Why Walk when you can Dance!

The dance club meets once a month, and we learn a choreography taught by one of the volunteering members.

Every month a different theme is chosen as per members' popular choice. This is our chance to learn different dance forms - from Salsa to Kathak. We also celebrate different festivals and bring the folk dances of India to life. A club conducted by the members, enjoyed by the members.

Every Saturday | Indian Women's Association Singapore

In the past, the club saw the largest turnout for the Salsa Workshop. It was specially conducted on a Saturday so that couples could enjoy learning this sensuous dance form. We also got an overwhelming response for the Garba workshop which prepared our members for the many Navratra events happening around Singapore.

Moving on, for 2020, we have some interesting themes planned, contributed by the amazing ladies in the club. We will be exploring dance forms that are high in energy and even higher in fun.

No prior training in dance or a particular level of fitness is needed to attend the dance sessions. Our only and only objective is – To Have Some Serious Fun.

What do I need to get: Water bottle

What do I wear: Comfortable clothes. Sometimes there is a dress code. Varies from event to event

Do I need to prepare: No, choreography will be taught at the event

Any other guidelines: We are particular about 3 things - Punctuality, Cleanliness and conducting an eco-friendly event (Plastic-free)

Posted in Expat, Saturday | Posted on January 28, 2021
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