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Fitness club-In pursuit of Fitness & good health

Fitness club hosts a varied event related to Health & Fitness

Sunday Morning | Various Location

Club Chair: Padmaja Balaji

One such event was a Yoga session conducted by in-house yoga instructors. It was a very comprehensive session with warm-up, a 40 min yoga session to stretch & strengthen various muscle groups & to detox the abdominal organs.  It was followed by deep relaxation to relax the whole body, followed by some breathing & meditation techniques. The session ended with a round of laughter yoga. The attendees felt relaxed, rejuvenated & happy at the end of the session. It ended with a hearty sattvic food.

In another event, Fitness club had a holistic healing talk & demo session conducted by InnerpowerX team. We were introduced to Varma healing, Pranic healing, Siddha & Ayurvedic medicine, breathing techniques and many more.  Few participants got to experience the benefits of body alignments.

Sunday morning walks is a salient feature of the Fitness Club. One such Sunday Morning walk was to  Berlayer Creek and Bukit Chermin Board walk.  The mangrove at this Coastal Walk is part of a larger network of habitats snaking through the Southern Ridges to the waterfront. Berlayer Creek is a beautiful riverine mangrove forest. The Bukit Chermin Boardwalk provides a means for visitors to explore the rocky coastline along Keppel Harbor. It includes the Berlayer Creek Boardwalk on one side and extends to Reflections at Keppel Bay promenade at the other.

Club FAQ’s:

who - Most of the events are for Iwa members and a few are opened to non - members.  The events are conducted by professionals from different fields.

when- the events are held once a month. The day & time varies as per the availability of the person conducting the session. The events are open for registration usually one-two weeks in advance.

where - the location of the event depends on the type of event

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About Indian Women's Association

The Indian Women's Association (IWA) of Singapore is a non-profit organization. Founded in 1998 IWA comprises of a large exclusive member body representative of both the expatriate as well as local Indian Community. IWA is managed by a volunteer executive committee elected annually.

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