Gin Jubilee

Gin Jubilee

The World's Premier Gin Festival

Gin Novices and enthusiasts REJOICE, we are here to do a service. And that service is GIN.

The humble Gin & Tonic is what we are celebrating, with 15 Gin Brands, over 50 bars over 6 Gin Lanes in 6 cities.

East Imperial is galvanising the best of each cities electric cocktail scene, by pairing the world’s finest Gin Brands, with the best bars and bartenders Asia has to offer (and that’s a stellar pairing) all set during a spacetime continuum (Bars, Gin, Tonic and You) called the Gin Jubilee.

In a bid to boost knowledge, appreciation (and mostly fun) East Imperial is creating a stir on what a traditional Gin & Tonic is, where Gin Jubilee is a means to unveil this exciting evolution.

To add on, going Green is no longer a choice, it’s a call.

Joining the #NoPlastic movement, all our Gin Lane’s will have compostable Resin Cups and straws made from plants, and we have Metal Tumblers and bamboo straws available for purchase (or #NoStraws – ask for one only if you really need it!)



This year's East Imperial Gin Lane aims to best 2017's record of 5,500-and-some G&Ts served – but with a goal of generating zero waste.

Held at 30 Maxwell Road on the evening of December 8th from 5 to 11.30pm, bartenders from this year's Gin Jubilee participating bars will be presenting their G&Ts at this garden soiree style event for drinkers to savour. Gin Lane will uniquely feature drink- and dining-ware produced using the eco packaging technology by Singapore outfit TRIA. Their Bio24 food waste recycling programme, which will be activated during Gin Lane, will convert food and cocktail garnish scraps, cups and cutlery collected on the night into rich organic fertiliser that can be put back into the earth.

Guests are also encouraged to bring their own mugs to Gin Lane this year, with discounted entry of S$15 if you bring your own mug.

Standard tickets will go for S$20, with the price including a reusable East Imperial tumbler and bamboo straw. Returning to the heritage of East Imperial and tonic water’s history, the branded tumblers were inspired by the design of founder Kevin Law-Smith’s great grandfather’s metal tumbler – the same one he would have used in 1903 when he was in Singapore, drinking tonic water to fight malaria.

Adding another element of competition to the night, imbibers can also enter a social media competition for the best “mug shot” of a G&T in the mug of their choice – whether it be the East Imperial tumbler, biodegradable cup or their own favourite vessel from home. Honouring the traditions which inspired the creation of East Imperial, five guests with the best shots using hashtag #ToastTradition will each win one bottle of gin and one case of East Imperial tonic, as well as two Gin Pahit G&Ts featuring East Imperial Straits Tonic syrup at the newly restored Long Bar at Raffles Hotel Singapore.


Here’s the gist of what actually happens;

Each bar is paired with a Gin brand, and a series of events from Masterclasses, Guest Shifts and straight up Gin soirees are to be expected.

Across the entire duration, we have The Best G&T competition of each city - each cocktail bar is set out to create a new fangled version of the classic Gin & Tonic, to which you need to head down to these bars, try them and vote for your favourite.

At the end of which – we throw a big party - where the bars and brands gather in one place, and we call that - GIN LANE - picture a Garden Soiree, as you savour tipple after tipple, as they are set out for you, mere steps from each other)

Now it’s not just the best Bartender /cocktail that wins.

So here’s how you vote, so pay attention, as *there’s something in it for you too!

1. Follow East Imperial on Insta 2. Post a picture of your favourite bar’s Gin & Tonic 3. Tag East Imperial. 4. Tag the location of the bar 5. Use the official hashtag: #GinJubilee2018.

*This is the fun part, the best Social Media post on Insta (Or Ginsta, we call it) stands a chance to win a trip to Singapore the Grand Finale I December, and the best post in the whole of Asia – gets to head to Auckland, New Zealand, for Gin Jubilee 2019!

It’s that easy, and such good fun along the way!

Let the party BE GIN.

Location Map

30 Maxwell Road

30 Maxwell Road, Singapore

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