Free Virtual Yoga with Feral Yogi

Join our free live 60-minute virtual online yoga class with instructor JD of Feral Yogi!

Free Yoga Class and Online Yoga for Beginners friendly, Vinyasa all level.

Every Friday | 12 am - 1 am | Online Event | Free Admission

Join our Live Stream Free Online Yoga Class Community!

MixPose Live Stream Online Yoga is a Livestream platform specifically devoted to yoga and fitness classes. We offer a unique AI pose-tracking technology that provides feedback to instructors and users, creating a more interactive and specialized experience for virtual yoga. We provide beginner friendly Online Yoga and there are Free Yoga and Online Yoga classes every week!

Wellness has always been an important issue for us. COVID19 has resulted in more and more people staying home and gyms/yoga studios closing down. We want to better the experience of live stream exercising as well as tackle the growing problem of loneliness.
We are devoted to developing a yoga community and improving health, all while in the comfort of your home. As we are starting up, we have many free yoga and online yoga classes from wonderful online yoga instructors available multiple times a day. We welcome all ages and levels of experience to join - Simply sign up and join a class to start!

How to Attend Your First Free Live-Stream Yoga Class
You can officially download the MixPose Free Yoga Live Stream app via Google Play! For a more immersive experience, you have the ability to stream Free Yoga Classes MixPose via Android TV. Otherwise, we have a temporary web platform we've built at Chrome. Additionally, we have just begun iOS beta testing! It is still in its early stages, so we need your support to help us better refine our platform and your experience as we grow!
See more information about our live stream yoga platform, schedule of classes, and links to sign up for free yoga classes on the MixPose

About the Yoga Instructor

Jenn Dodgson (JD) invites you to get lost...and rediscover yourself in the process! Looking to combine her passion for natural healing with her love of adventure, she founded FERAL YOGI in 2016. She is an E-RYT 500 Hatha yoga and meditation instructor, certified in wilderness and backcountry first aid. Having practiced yoga for over 14 years, her teachings offer a fresh and engaging combination of ancient ritual, philosophy, hatha yoga, pranayama, outdoor education, and meditation. When she is not traveling or teaching, she enjoys hiking, snowboarding, reading, making herbal remedies, and chasing adventure with her husband Ryan and their badass entourage of farm animals.
Whether on the mat, on the trail, or barefoot on the beach, she encourages students to reconnect to the Earth and to their true nature (or divine wild) in the process. JD’s contagious energy flows into her work, making her classes as fun as they are expansive. She maintains that "yoga isn't for the flexible, it's for the willing", so whether you're a complete novice or consider yourself a life-long yogi, your mat has found its home. Stay Wild!

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