Free things to do in Sentosa

Sentosa is a sunny island in Singapore, home to exciting events, themed attractions, award-winning spas, lush rainforests, golden sandy beaches, and resort-style hotels. Here the list Free things you can do while you in Sentosa.

Chill at Siloso Beach

Get into your favorite bikini and take a dip. Or simply bask in the sun and admire the other hot bods. Themed bars abound - you can surf a man-made wave or chill-out in a whirlpool bath on the beach. So call up your friends and family and head down to Siloso Beach to engage in one of the most fun beach activities you can do.

Chill at Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach is a favorite with guests who treasure its tranquility and solitude. Here, you can while away the hours with the sun, a favorite book, and a gentle breeze for company. This beautiful stretch of beach gets especially romantic by night, with the twinkling lights of nearby ships providing a magical backdrop.

Explore the southernmost tip of Asia

Situated right on Palawan Beach, this tiny islet is accessible via a suspension bridge to bring one across to the Southernmost Point of Asia. Flanked by two viewing towers, the timber viewing deck offers an uninterrupted view of the South China Sea.

Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso is Singapore's only well-preserved coastal fort that served as part of the country's defenses. The on-site military museum contains a treasure trove of WWII memorabilia, including coastal guns, the remains of fortified military structures and tunnels, as well as an interactive video documentary, complete with wax figures of Japanese & British soldiers at the Surrender Chambers.

Fort Siloso Coastal Trail

Be mesmerized with the scenic views this trail as to offer. Unlike our white-sand beaches that you are familiar with, the Coastal Trails brings you along to see new sights such as rocky and sandy shores, and coastal rainforests.

Fort Siloso

Singapore’s only preserved coastal fort, Fort Siloso, boasts rich memorabilia of pre-WWII and WWII-era guns and remains of military structures and tunnels.

Fort Siloso Skywalk

Enjoy panoramic views of Sentosa’s coastline on this 38m high skywalk. Towering 11-storeys high and stretching 181 meters long, the Skywalk trail provides guests with a scenic treetop trek on the way to Fort Siloso. A free attraction, there’s also guided tours at Fort Siloso for a more detailed historical account of the area.

Dragon Teeth Gate

In the 18th and 19th centuries, sharp-edged rocks were aplenty around the island. The Chinese believed these rocks were the Sea Dragon King's teeth and named the maritime gateway to Sentosa (then known as Pulau Blakang Mati) 'Long Ya Men' or 'Dragon's Teeth Gate'.

Coastal Forests

Sentosa’s coastal forests are one of a few that are left in Singapore. The forests are home to endangered plants like the Seashore Mangosteen and the Dracena Minyagi, which is the oldest tree species on Sentosa at 200 years old. The forests also support a variety of local wildlife, including bats, squirrels, snakes, birds, and macaques.

Go on a guided tour of a secret side of Sentosa

Tucked behind Rasa Sentosa and beyond a rocky slope, lies Siloso Headland (aka Tanjung Rimau), where corals, seagrass and a wide variety of marine wildlife peek out from the low tides to say hello! While development has reduced the total number of species around Sentosa, let us appreciate the beauty of the ecosystem of one of the last remaining coastal cliffs and rocky shores around. While this area is closed off to the public, Sentosa regularly holds guided walks.

Imbiah Trail

The Imbiah Trail allows you experience a more tranquil side of Sentosa. Immerse yourself into nature and greenery as you venture into this trail. Pay close attention to the wildlife around you, as you may spot some of our endangered and rare species including the Magpie Robin.

Sentosa Nature Discovery

Explore fascinating interactive exhibits and forested wilderness at this gallery, transformed from an old monorail station.

Imbiah Bridge

Converted from an old monorail track, this 225m elevated boardwalk links Sentosa Nature Discovery to the heart of the Imbiah forest.

Imbiah Battery

Located at Mount Imbiah’s summit, the defense post was built in the 1880s to serve as an examination battery, to inspect all merchant vessels entering Singapore.

Lake of Dreams

Taking place every night at 11 pm by Resorts World Sentosa’s Festive Walk, watch flaming dragons, water cannons, and laser special effects come together in a dazzling choreographed show designed by Emmy award-winner Jeremy Railton.

Magical Shores at Siloso

When dusk descends, wild, mystical magic stirs within Siloso Beach. Magic that brings the shores alive with a magnificent medley of light and sounds. Magic that transforms the environment with every move you make. Magic that truly lets you see nature in a whole new light. Come and awaken your sense of wonder.

Mt Faber & Sentosa Heritage Tours

Highlights: Organised by My Community, you can uncover the lost heritage of the Southern Ridges, and Sentosa during this guided tour. Take a journey through off-the-beaten trails of Mount Faber, Sentosa and the ruins of Fort Serapong. Discover the ways which the British used to defend their naval base in Keppel at the military encampments, tunnel complexes and hidden reservoirs. Steeped with history, these sites are opened for the first time to the public since the 1940s.

When: 2nd weekend of every month

Find Out More

Sentosa Beach Courts

it’s where all sorts of people gather to play beach sports such as Beach Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and Football!  Get your daily dose of fun through endless hours of competitive fun with your gang. A stress relieving activity that is made perfect for the beach lifestyle.

Sentosa Merlion

Take a picture in front of Sentosa Merlion. One of the previously approved statutes, a 37-meter-tall gigantic replica at Sentosa, with Mouth Gallery Viewing Deck on the ninth storey, another viewing gallery on its head and Sentosa Merlion Shop.

Sentosa Nature Discovery

Experience a more tranquil side of Sentosa at this nature trail with interactive exhibits, sculptures, and a lookout point. Pay close attention to the different trees and flowers on the show that makes up the eight types of habitat found on the island. If you’re lucky you might spot the endangered Magpie Robin.

Sentosa Nature Heritage Walk

Highlights: Home to more than 30 carefully conserved heritage trees and buildings, Sentosa also houses Singapore's only fully restored military fort, Fort Siloso. The Sentosa Nature Heritage Walk is an 8 km trail routes, where you can explore and learn more about Singapore's heritage.

Starting from Sentosa Boardwalk and ending at the Beach Station, this self-guided walk features historical sites such as the former British Hospital (now Madame Tussauds Singapore) and Mt Imbiah Battery which served as a defense post in the 1800s at the summit of Mount Imbiah, among others. Look out for heritage trees such as the Jambu Laut — Singapore's only heritage tree of this species found on Sentosa.

Free Admission

Siloso Headland Intertidal Walk

Highlights: Start your day with the refreshing morning sun, air, and sea at Siloso Headland (aka Tanjung Rimau), where corals, seagrass, and a wide variety of marine wildlife peak out from the low tides to say hello! While development has reduced the total number of species around Sentosa, let us appreciate the beauty of the ecosystem of one of the last remaining coastal cliffs and rocky shores around.

When: Sentosa holds regular guided walks during low tides.

Stroll along the Sentosa Boardwalk

With its picturesque view of the city backdrop across the sea.

Watch movies by the beach

Who says you have to get Gold Class tickets to enjoy a unique movie experience? At Palawan Green, you can enjoy an outdoor movie screening under the stars, showing classics like Mamma Mia and Hollywood blockbusters like Iron Man.

Quayside Isle

Situated near Sentosa Cove, taking a leisurely walk along Quayside Isle’s cobbled pavements in the evening is the perfect way to wrap up a date. The neatly arranged yachts also lend some charm to the scene of the setting sun. With its quiet atmosphere and scenic view, it’s a great way to unwind and end the day.

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