Ok, this situation sucks and we all stuck in the same boat. We also have lost all our clients/revenue due to this Covid 19 crises, clients have had to shut down their business, are not essential or are just ticking over, hoping to survive this situation.

But our homepages are still online, our groups still active and we prepared our resources to help F&B outlets (as well as all SME’s in need) through this crisis for free.

Also, let’s be frank; our target group shrinks with every business shutting down, so to make sure we still will have a business in a couple of months, we have to help your business first.

Here is what we can do for you:

1) Adding your offers to our website

We will publish a series of articles for take away/deliveries, sorted by kind of cuisine, e.g: Italian Delivery / Takeaway, Meditarien Dishes delivered to your doorstep, Western Cuisine – Takeaway & Deliveries, Takeaway in River Valley,  Deliveries for Mother’s Day, etc.

After publishing, we will share these articles in around 80 groups/pages on social media! We reach around 50,000 members & visitors per day.

Please check this article to see which info we will need:




To help you, you must help us to submit all information needed. 

Copy/paste this text into an email and replace the following information:

– Name of the business

– Link to your website

– Description of your cuisine/business in 1-2 sentences

– Featured photo (can be the current promotion, the photo of a dish or your restaurant) – please send proper quality as an attachment and do not include it in the text!

– Self pick up timing

– Delivery timing

– Link to the complete menu

– All order options: WhatsApp number, telephone, email, link to your site on Deliveroo, Food Panda, Grab Food, Go Food, your store on your website (If available), etc

– Your Links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Please email altogether to [email protected]

2) Access to our Facebook groups

We moderate more than 100 groups & pages on Facebook, 25+ theme groups and 55 country groups for expats. We will let you advertise in the relevant group, please note that your post must be relevant to the group title. (No worries, we will post your offer published on our website in ALL groups).

E.G: As an Italian Restaurant you are entitled to post your offer in following groups:

– All About Singapore
– Promotions
– Italian Expats in Singapore

(If you are having special menu for children, you can post in the Children group, offers for family packs into the family group, vegetarian food in the vegetarian/vegan group).

Please join the relevant groups here:


3) Access to our Meetup Groups

If you have any online events about cooking, yoga, sports & fitness, etc, we will make you a moderator in 4-5 groups where you will be able to announce your event to up to more than 12,000 members.

Please join the groups here and get in touch with us via WhatsApp to make you an organizer!

Expat Singapore

Expat Singapore by Expatsg.com


All About Singapore – Events

Fitness & Yoga in Singapore

4) WhatsApp Broadcast

All links will be sent vie our WhatsApp Broadcasts to more than 5,000 subscribers in Singapore and will be included in the automated messages.

Check out the WhatsApp Broadcast

As not just F&B businesses are suffering, we will also offer to allocate our resources for free to every SME in need. Please contact us via WhatsApp if you have any questions.


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