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Welcome to All About Singapore’s Free WhatsApp Broadcast!

Frequent updates about festivals, events & happenings in Singapore will be sent to your phone. To keep you updated from the first moment, you will receive the latest Broadcast within 1-3 working days after you signed up.

Please make sure -   All About Singapore +65 8312 3858   - is a contact in your phonebook, otherwise you won't be able to receive any messages!

Please note that this is a one-way communication and All About City will not reply to individual WhatsApp messages nor sms or phone calls to this number. For questions visit our FAQ section (in progress and online soon) in the menu.

All About City's platforms are independent and advertising free, you can support us by spreading the word. Please forward this link to your colleagues & friends to sign up for free to receive Singapore's first and only WhatsApp Broadcast about the hippest happenings & events in town!

Here is how you get on the Broadcast:

Add ALL ABOUT SINGAPORE to your contacts: +65 8312 3858

WhatsApp your name to this contact


Here is how you get off the Broadcast:

As easy it was to subscribe, as simple it is to unsubscribe. Just type UNSUBSCRIBE into the textfield and hit "send" and we will take your number off the list. Now you can recommend this Broadcast even to your family & friends who are visiting Singapore for just a short time.


If you are on Facebook, find a list of 100+ groups & pages and a tutorial where you can find / submit which posts.(click the photo for the link)


If you are on Instagram, or just prefer to get news via photos & videos, join 50,000+ followers to stay up-to-date with daily posts about events & happenings in Singapore.

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You can also find us on TWITTER, MEETUP AND YOUTUBE.

All About Singapore - Free WhatsApp Broadcast is an initiative of All About City Pte Ltd, the only advertising-free media portal in Singapore.
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