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Singapore’s fashion scene is as diverse as its population, with shopping choices to keep anyone happy this tiny red dot has some of the best dressed and fashion forward people on the planet! Singapore has its very own Fashion Week which has now become a much awaited affair with local and international designers showcasing new collections in front of delighted bloggers, buyers and fashionable fans.

Contrary to what most think Singapore is not all about high end designer labels, the local fashion scene is just as strong and looking as vibrant, fun and relevant to ever changing trends. Singapore’s fashion scene celebrate individuality as women walk down the street with sheer confidence wearing outfits others would think twice about. This pushes self-expression and fashion forward thinkers to be as creative as they want without judgement. People do care about how they look as most Expat’s will relate to. Many have cited that after moving to this Red Dot they felt they had to up their game to “fit in” and look like they made a conscious decision about their outfits before stepping out the door. Due to this sudden realization, there has been a few gems popping up in the expat world to help with this urgent need, so there is help if you want it. The local designers are supportive and assertive in their creations that brings rise to a hip and trendy Singapore!
Singapore has almost become the fashion capital of the East as it attracts tourists from neighboring countries and all over the world. With an abundance of Fashion houses taking residence in the iconic Marina Bay sands to the famous Orchard Road and its numerous malls such as Ion, Paragon, and Scotts Square (not to mention a myriad of boutiques from independent designers), you will be spoiled with a plethora of awesome choices! When it comes to fashion retail therapy there is something for everyone here.

Singapore is one of the easiest cities to shop in, it’s almost too easy! With shopping malls peppering the island’s high end to low end scene, from International Designers to Local Designers to Ethnic - you have no excuse not to look fabulous. It’s all waiting for you, just don’t overdo it though, shopping can be too addictive here!

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