Wing Chun Workshop: Awakening of the Senses

Wing Chun Workshop: Awakening of the Senses


From: March 10, 2019, 10-00 AM
Till: March 10, 2019, 01-00 PM
Kali Majapahit Martial Arts, 43 Carpenter Street #02-01, Singapore 059922
Phone: +65 6534 5254
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Explore this introductory workshop to Wing Chun Kung Fu, most recently made famous by Donnie Yen in the IP movie series.

About this Event

Wing Chun, made famous by Master Ip Man and movies of the same name (Ip Man), is one of the influences of Kali Majapahit. Its practice helps with stance and being grounded while sensitivity training will teach you to relax your body and sharpen your defence system.

Guro Christophe Vidal will be leading this unique workshop, open to all levels, as a discovery of what Wing Chun is about and how it can help deepening flow and efficiency in Kali and martial arts.

Wing Chun in Mandarin (Young Chun in Cantonese), literally meaning "Spring Chant”. Wing Chun is a Kung Fu coming from Southern China known as a close-range combat specialised in interception and deviation techniques based on the structure of the human body extolling softness over strength.


Content of the workshop:

  1. Sil Lim Tao (or Siu Lim Tao) - First empty hands form literally meaning “Little Idea for beginning” is the foundation of all succeeding techniques and forms
  2. The Wing Chun punch
  3. Basic footwork
  4. Understanding and developing your Pak Sao
  5. Simultaneous defence and attack versus a jab, versus a hook, versus a double hook
  6. Chi Sao with one arm
  7. Reflex system drills



1. General Admission (Non-Students) - S$60

2. General Admission (KM Active Students) - S$48


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Location Map for Wing Chun Workshop: Awakening of the Senses

Kali Majapahit Martial Arts

43 Carpenter Street #02-01 Singapore 059922

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