The World Of bodyART – Master Classes

The World Of bodyART – Master Classes


From: January 11, 2019, 06-00 PM
Till: January 22, 2019, 10-00 PM
Dancevault East Coast 176 East Coast Road Singapore 428882
Phone: +65 6909 3606
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the world of bodyART™
- a series of Master Classes with Remo Stefanic

This very popular series of bodyART Level 2 Modality Master Classes showcasing the immense depth and range of the bodyART program is back at Dancevault. To experience it is to truly experience balance and well-being.

Master Classes at Dancevault Raffles (6:30pm - 60mins) & East Coast (8:30pm - 60mins).

- Regular DV Class Stamp + $8 per Master Class applies for all DV Cardholders.
- $30 walk-in rate applies for non DV cardholders.

change your awareness; challenge your life

Awarded ‘best training concept’ by ECA World Fitness, the BodyART aim is to create harmony between body and mind. It is a functional movement training system designed by Robert Steinbacher to balance your strength, flexibility and mental concentration.

Based on the principles of Yin and Yang and the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it challenges you to equalize your powerful dynamic energy with passive relaxation. This holistic, intense and purposeful experience creates a healthy, beneficial and lasting effect in your daily life.

Movement from Taichi, Yoga, Kinesiotherapy, Stretch Methodology, Pilates and dance are combined with breathing techniques and relaxation mastery, and infused with more flow and dynamism in the exercise routines. The BodyART workout blends into a 3-in-1 approach with strength, cardio and flexibility training. It benefits your health and wellness greatly, and on a long term basis, if you want to relax, reduce stress, relive back pain, burn fat, strengthen muscle and be flexible.

The body is not just flesh and bones. You have a heart. You have a soul. BodyART is functional training of the human body for a higher quality, more vital and happier life.

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Location Map for The World Of bodyART – Master Classes

Dancevault Studios 176 East Coast Road, Singapore 428882

Dancevault Studios 176 East Coast Road, Singapore 428882

Dancevault Raffles 20 Cecil Street #04-01, PLUS Singapore 049705

Dancevault Raffles 20 Cecil Street #04-01, PLUS Singapore 049705

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