Keynote – Asia’s Women Speakers – International Women’s Day Singapore

Keynote – Asia’s Women Speakers – International Women’s Day Singapore

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From: March 8, 2019, 03-00 PM
Till: March 8, 2019, 06-00 PM
National Gallery Singapore 1 St Andrew's Rd, Singapore 178957
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On International Women's Day 2019, Keynote and PrimeTime will bring to the stage 6 thought-provoking female thought leaders who will not only inspire your mind, but will also ignite your imagination to rise above the cliches and move the needle on female empowerment!


2:30 - 3:00 - Registration

3:00 - 3:30 - Welcome

​3:30 - 4:20

Authentic Leadership - Unmask the Leader Within - METTE JOHANSSON

Rules in the business world have originally been written by men. To fit in, many women have adapted behaviour that is more commonly associated with men. Mette argues that it is not necessary to put on a mask and be someone you're not. On the contrary, those who lead authentically not only are happier and more balanced; they also inspire their teams to perform.

No Consent - ADELE HUNG

What does a meaningful career mean to you? To Adele, it's about transformation. When Adele made a career switch from being a speech pathologist into an MNC, it catalysed the realisation that to progress in her personal and professional life,  she must embrace her authentic identity. Eleanor Roosevelt's quote "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”, became Adele's guiding principle. Join Adele as she shares first-hand experiences of how she transformed self-limiting beliefs rooted in her conservative Asian upbringing into authentic leadership impact.

If Women tell their Stories, they won't be Hidden Figures - ANJALI SHARMA

Running Start, the group that advises young women considering a run for political office, has identified the fear of speaking publicly as the number one thing that stops women from getting involved in electoral politics. The corporate world is exactly the same. Fear, and lack of self assurance are traps that await women in every field. Join Anjali as she tells stories about specific situations in the corporate world where women remain hidden figures when they do not tell their stories, and women who rise when they do tell their stories. Purposeful storytelling ensures that women are not marginalised and ignored.

Wholeness of a Female Leader - WENDY TAN

The world today needs our best intentions, thinking and actions. Our world pulled by different interests can only become more fragmented. Our organisations, challenged by disruption, scramble to make the leap into the digital world. Our people, faced with uncertainty, fear the future and their job security. What if we bring the wholeness of who we are fully? Women form at least half of the solution with our stronger focus on relationships, collaboration and empathy. Caring for the whole requires us to be whole ourselves. Based on the integration of East/West thinking, Wendy invites you reflect on you, and emerge with new insights and ideas to be, think and act whole.

4:20 - 5:00 - Networking Break

​5:00 - 6:00

Changing the conversation - KAREN LEONG

The volume and decibel of conversations around gender equality have been consistently increasing over the years. Yet much progress continues to be too slow, and may even be stalling. Women remain significantly underrepresented in the corporate pipeline, especially at every leadership level. Karen Leong examines the conversations women tend to have with themselves, how this impacts their choices and in turn the decisions they make. Join Karen as she shares how a simple change in our conversations, can lead to a powerful shift in our realities.

Say Yes to P&L Responsibilities - KATIA MELAZZI

The most common advise given to women aspiring to advance their corporate career is to increase their confidence, improve networking skills, and find a sponsor or mentor. Surprisingly, one critical advise is missing - P&L experience. Arguably the single most powerful factor in accelerating the career trajectory for a woman. Not only are P&L positions often the most visible jobs in the company, there are also key in developing some of the most fundamental skills necessary to assume senior leadership positions. Join Katia as she shares why P&L experience is the perfect nurturing ground for key leadership skills.

 Speak Up to Cure FoSUitis - AARATHI ARUMUGAM

In this sharing economy, people share less and less of who they really are, because they fear that stories make them vulnerable and that will jeopardize who they are. Join Aarathi as she share why and how teams can use their vulnerable voices and choices to become powerful and effective

Closing Remarks - Roslina Chai

From 6:00 Cocktail & Networking


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