Artisan Sourdough class with water kefir and kombucha

Artisan Sourdough class with water kefir and kombucha

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From: September 13, 2018, 09-30 AM
Till: September 13, 2018, 04-30 PM
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Learn how to bake artisan bread with sourdough, water kefir and kombucha! Students will be taught about the theory of sourdough, water kefir and kombucha bread and practical management of the starter to the final shaping and baking of the artisan bread. Sourdough, kombucha and water kefir starter are provided to kick-start your journey. A scrumptious artisan bread healthy lunch is included ?

With over 300students under my class, I still firmly believe that my class structure with plenty of hands-on is still the best way to learn with:
1) after class support from me
2) your peers supporting and rooting for you
3) learning from each other’s mistake during class, you learn so much more when you observe what your classmate does right or wrong, and the explanation that comes with it, rather than being absorbed into your own world during class?
13th Sept, 15th Sept, 25th Oct and 27th Oct classes closing for registration soon, PM me at Vanilla Sourdough, kefir and kombucha bread class on FB for the details ?

Learn to bake your own artisan sourdough, water kefir bread and kombucha bread without commercial yeast. Don't quite know what to expect? Take a look at what students had to say about the class and the after class support.

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