Les Arbres de Paris

Les Arbres de Paris

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From: January 13, 2021, 01-00 PM
Till: February 13, 2021, 05-30 PM
Alliance Française de Singapour – 2nd floor 1 Sarkies Road, Level 2, Singapore 258130
Phone: +65 6737 8422
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The Trees of Paris by Melisa Teo

Missed Melisa Teo’s solo exhibition at la galerie? Les Arbres de Paris is back with us as part of Singapore Art Week 2021!

Wednesday, 13 January until 13 February 2021 | 1 pm - 5.30 pm | Alliance Française de Singapour | Free Admission

French is one of the languages where the word “culture” is designated to both matters of the mind and of nature. This is evident in the dual love of Parisians for trees and gardens, as well as books. Just as trees need to be constantly cared for and tended to in order for them to grow in full glory, the human mind can unlock its full potential through constant learning. Indeed, trees resemble the mind as Voltaire famously wrote: “We must cultivate our garden”.

By turning her camera towards the trunks and leaves of Paris, Singaporean photographer Melisa Teo looks for the spiritual link between man and nature. The camera recognises and retains what the eye doesn’t see – we can’t see the invisible, but we can photograph it. And by paying attention, we can learn from the most silent of beings living amongst us in this bustling capital.

About the artist

MELISA TEO is a Singaporean photographer who regards her camera as a “third eye” which is guided by intuition to perceive a reality that eludes the naked eye. For her, the camera is a transmitter and translator of light’s messages and photography, a doorway bordering visible and invisible worlds. Since 2008, she has been travelling through spiritual worlds in pursuit of the sacred. Her journeys have been documented in a number of books (Light From Within, The Light Beyond) and exhibitions (Dark Light, Eden). In recent years, her fascination with the relationship between man and nature has led her from shamans in the forests of Siberia to anonymous figures in the manicured gardens of her adoptive city – Paris. Melisa is a graduate from the National University of Singapore and worked in publishing before becoming a photographer.

About Alliance Française de Singapour

Alliance Française de Singapour was founded in 1949. It is a local non-profit educational and cultural organization, affiliated to the international network of Alliance Française. With more than 800 locations in 132 countries, the Alliance Française is undoubtedly the world’s largest network of any cultural association.

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