Top 5 Events in Singapore

Top 5 Events in Singapore

There’s always something you could do in Singapore, so many events take place annually so don’t waste your weekends away by sleeping in.

ZoukOut Singapore

International dance and music festival held annually on the beach. Attracting people from all over the world, this event is definitely one that you can’t miss. Dance and rave along with world acclaimed DJ’s and Artist playing their music live.

It’s being held on December, so there’s plenty of time to plan and shop for the perfect beach outfit for a whole of raving.

The best thing to do here is to dance till dawn and see the sun rise by the beach. Definitely a dance till dawn, and a memory to live by!

Dates and ticket prices are not out yet for this year but we will keep you updated or check Zouk’s facebook page or

Marina Bay Singapore New Year’s Countdown

As we all have definitely learn so much in the past year, it’s time to bring in the new year but of course, having a great time to bring in the New Year may even lead to an amazing year for you.

This event happens on the Eve of New Year, with local and international artists coming to celebrate it with you. Dazzling performance and counting down right before 12AM when a magical and probably one of the greatest fireworks light up the city and give you a great bright outlook to a brand new year with reinvigorated spirit.

Obviously, the event takes place on 31’st December(unless you don’t know when is the Eve of a New Year) but there will be a whole month of activities held. Start penning down your hopes and dreams for the new year.

Check out for more info.

Singapore Coffee Festival

As we all know, most of can’t get through our day without a cup of coffee. This festival is designed just for that! Obviously, there’s a ticket being sold at $22 but what does the ticket entitle to?

Go ahead and sample the different variety of coffee brews and if you hate spending money for a good coffee yourself, learn by the masters on how you can brew one yourself!

Well, of course, you can’t be drinking coffee the entire time so there are performances by local acts and markets to shop!

Happening on August 4th and lasting till the 6th, get your grind on and visit them! Tickets are being sold at ( Quick tip, go with a group of 4 and tickets are sold individually at $18!)

National Day Parade

Celebrating its 52nd year of independence on the 9th of August this year. It’s celebrated annually to remember how Singapore has developed so far since independence and bringing history back to life. Residents will start hanging the national flag on their windows.

A dazzling parade is being set up, with performances locally ending with a magical fireworks display. Oh, I love the air show being displayed by the Air Force of Singapore! Got to watch it yourself to know what I mean.

2017 parade will be held on the 9th of August (I mean it’s the date of independence if you have not gotten it by now) at The Float Marina Bay.

For tickets sale, go on to

F1 Singapore

Fast cars are awesome, don’t deny that! Especially when it’s thrilling as hell, it gets so much better. Although some of us may never get to drive one, you’re lucky to be in Singapore. The Grand Prix is held in Singapore annually in September and roads circle around the city with awesome views.

It last well over a week with different activities for you to check out. Prices ranges from $200 and above but availability are scarce so get on with it!

For more info, visit

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