Christmas Light-Up

Christmas is a season for giving and sharing. Although the Christmas LightUp ceremony will not be held this year, the SPMF Charity Christmas Wishing
The tree will be launched from mid-November. Simply make a donation of $1 and
above and you can write your Christmas wish on the card provided and hang it
onto the Christmas tree.

As in precedent years, all proceeds will be donated to
the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, an organization that raises funds
for lunch pocket money for children from less fortunate families.

Monday, 16 November - 25 December 2020 | JAS Atrium (1F), in front of the Front Desk

Procedures Please make a donation at the Front Desk and we will hand a
card for you to write a Christmas wish and hang it onto the tree.

Posted in Christmas Website, December Events Website | Posted on November 20, 2020
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