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Work Permit Online For Employers of FDWs

Work Permit Online (WP Online) allows employers of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) to perform certain Work Permit transactions. You can use our FDW eService to apply, issue, renew, extend, cancel or reinstate a Work Permit and update your FDW’s or your details. Log In to WP Online Singpass Upgrading of eService We are upgrading this service […]

Can I hire a part-time helper?

If you are looking for an extra pair of hands around the house, having a part-time helper can be a blessing. Hiring a part-time helper is a good alternative to live-in maids when you prefer to have more flexibility. Still, there are some important details that you have to pay attention to when hiring one. […]

Efficient at Work, Outdated at Home

On the streets and in the shops of Singapore, a distinct smell is slowly disappearing. But it’s not a food or pollutant that’s being phased out. It is the smell of cold, hard cash — both coin and paper. The Singaporean government has led a years-long charge to eliminate the use of cash from everyday […]

What do I do if my Helper gets Pregnant?

Say you find out that your helper of 3 years is pregnant. What do you do now? Each year in Singapore, around 100 helpers report becoming pregnant. This is often discovered during the bi-annual health check-ups domestic helpers have to undergo every six months. According to Singaporean law put forth by the Ministry of Manpower, […]

Your Guide to Maid Insurance

Your Guide to Maid Insurance in Singapore

If you are planning to get a helper, it is essential for you to buy maid insurance. This is to ensure that your helper and her family are well protected against any accidents or medical expenses that might occur. In Singapore, it is mandatory for employers of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) to purchase insurance before […]

Where are Singapore’s helpers from?

In search of a helper? You aren’t alone as about one in five Singaporean households hire maids, a spike of 27 per cent in less than a decade. With almost 300.000 helpers residing in Singapore, one is bound to get curious – where are they from? Owing to its proximity to Singapore, they are predominantly […]

How can I hire a Second Helper?

When your helper is in charge of managing the children, cleaning the house, and cooking your meals, it can be a lot for her to handle. Having an extra pair of hands will make her life much easier and help increase the quality of her work. As hiring FDWs in Singapore is becoming more and […]

“What should I do if my helper gets sick?” Here are your options

First, employers need to understand their responsibilities when it comes to helpers and healthcare. Employers are responsible for any medical expenses incurred by their helpers and must buy medical insurance when hiring a maid. Medical Examinations Employers also have to send their FDW for a medical screening, or 6ME, twice a year. The medical examination […]

The Best Expense Card for your Helper

JiPay’s founding mission is to bring domestic work into the cashless economy. We are launching JiPay with the first dedicated card for helpers to make purchases on behalf of their employers. We will be following our expense card with a payroll feature, which will enable employers to pay salaries onto a card issued in their […]

Maid Agencies in Singapore

Whether you need a part-time, full-time or live-in maid/helper, make sure you follow Singapore’s strict regulations about hiring a foreign domestic worker. Before hiring, consider hiring via an agency not or at least not overcharging the helpers, some of them keep up to the first 6 months of their salary, what is a heavy load […]

Free Things to do on a Sunday

Free Activities & Free Attractions: Buddhist Temples in Singapore Charity-, Non Profit Organisations & NGOs in Singapore Churches in Singapore Hindu Temples in Singapore  Heritage Roads in Singapore Mosques in Singapore National Monuments in Singapore Synagoges in Singapore Arts & Cultures: An Old New World: Digital Edition The exhibition offers two modes of navigation – […]

Transfer a FDW to a new Employer through an Employment Agency

Due to travel restrictions, you may face difficulties sending your helper home. Employment agencies (EAs) can take over the responsibilities for helpers while finding them a new employer. Transfer your helper through an EA If the EA agrees to transfer your helper to another employer, you can get them to cancel her Work Permit for […]

How to cancel a Work Permit for a Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore

You must cancel your helper’s Work Permit if she no longer works for you or when her Work Permit expires. Once cancelled, please cut the Work Permit card in half and discard it to prevent misuse. At a glance When to cancel the Work Permit Depending on which comes first, you must cancel the Work […]

Transfer a FDW directly to a new Employer

To transfer a helper directly, both the new and current employer must carry out certain steps If you are the current employer You need to: Send the helper for her 6-monthly medical examination if you have not done so. Sign the declaration form attached to the IPA(in-principle-approval) letter given by the new employer or employment agent, confirming you agree […]

List of Facebook Groups for Maids/FDWs in Singapore

All About Singapore – House Managers A group for domestic helpers in Singapore to directly connect them to locals/expats without charging any fees, as well as for locals/expats looking for recommendations. The group is moderated by the team at ExpatSG and advertising/spam-free. BabySitter / Helpers Jobs in Singapore ONLY ( Selling / Blessing ) We […]

Foreign Domestic Worker Levy

You must pay a monthly levy for your foreign domestic worker (FDW). You may also qualify for a levy concession and apply for a levy waiver in certain situations. Paying levy for a foreign domestic worker You will have to pay a levy for your foreign domestic worker (FDW) every month using GIRO. Find out the levy rates and […]

Apply for a Work Permit for a Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore

You can apply for a Work Permit for a foreign domestic worker (FWD) either on your own or through an employment agency. You also need to take certain steps to prepare for your worker’s arrival. At a glance Who can apply: Employer, sponsor, or authorized employment agent (EA). How much it costs: When you submit […]

Work Permit Conditions for Foreign Domestic Workers

As an employer of foreign workers, you must comply with a set of Work Permit conditions during their employment. A Work Permit (WP) is generally issued to foreign unskilled and semi-skilled workers. The duration of a Work Permit is generally 2 years, subject to the validity of the worker’s passport, the security bond, and the […]

Employment Rules for Foreign Domestic Workers

Your FDW’s employment must comply with the Work Permit regulatory conditions. As an employer, you will be penalized if you illegally deploy her to work at another residential address or perform non-domestic chores. An FDW: Requires a valid Work Permit. Can only work for her employer at the residential address declared to MOM. Can only perform domestic chores. […]

Employer’s Guide for FDW

This guide aims to help you build a positive working relationship with your foreign domestic worker (FDW). It includes information on rest days, well-being, salary, and other matters. Rest days and well-being Guidelines for an FDW’s rest days and well-being, including accommodation and safety. As an employer, you are responsible for the health and well-being […]

Hiring a Maid / FDW – Eligibility and Requirements

Work Permit for FDW: eligibility and requirements You need to meet certain requirements to hire a foreign domestic worker (FDW). These include eligibility, security bond and insurance. Foreign domestic worker eligibility A foreign domestic worker (FDW) needs to meet age, nationality and education requirements to get a Work Permit. Find Out More Employer requirements for hiring an FDW As an employer, […]

Maid Insurance in Singapore

AIA Singapore Domestic Help Cover Plus (II) AIA Singapore is part of the AIA Group, which is the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group in the world and the second-largest life insurance company in the world by market capitalisation. As an employer, it’s important to know that the well-being of your domestic helper […]

Where To Donate Clothes, Books, Household Goods in Singapore

ActiveSG shoe collection drive From now until 31 May 2019, ActiveSG is collecting used sport shoes. The usable parts that can be recycled will be used to make jogging lanes at upcoming sports facilities. You can drop off shoes at the below drop off points: *ActiveSG Sport Centres (Heartbeat @ Bedok, Jurong West Sport Centre, […]

Home Services – Cleaning, Repairs and Plumbing

Abba Maintenance Services Abba Maintenance Services is founded in 2017 with a vision to modernize the cleaning industry with efficiency and leading technology. We have built a continuous pursuit for excellence which results in consistent growth in our clients each year and a client retention rate of 96%. We focus on putting clients first – […]

Home Decor Stores in Singapore

50+ Home decor and furniture stores in Singapore to style your home Affordable Style Files The Affordable Style Files is a world filled with great inspiration for your life and home through designs and images. Come along on our interiors and design journey and see what we get up to. Shop the looks that we […]

Moving Services in Singapore

International and domestic moving services Agarwal Movers Singapore 221 Henderson Road, #05-12 Henderson Building, Singapore 159557 Website | Call | Email | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter AGS Movers Singapore 31 Jurong Port Road #06-10/11 Jurong Logistics Hub Singapore 619115 Singapore Singapore 619115 Website | Call Alliance Movers Alliance Movers Pte Ltd is a full-service moving […]

Where to buy Furniture in Singapore

Abitex Designs (S) Pte. Ltd 28 Loyang Cres, #03-00, Singapore 508990 Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5.30 pm | Saturday: 9 am – 1 pm | Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed * Call to make an appointment to visit our showroom. Website | Call | WhatsApp | Email | Facebook | Instagram […]