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ExpatSG was founded in 2016 and is by far the biggest Expat Community in Singapore.

Introducing the international brand All About City in 2018, both brands reach locals, expats & tourists from all over the world.

All About City Pte Ltd  is the only advertising-free publishing company in Singapore and grew organically to more than 100 platforms over the past 4 years with more than 200,000 members / followers in total and 50,000 visitors per day.

All platforms are moderated, advertising & spam-free, all submitted articles / events / promotions are subject to an admin's approval.

In spring 2020, we will introduce the #BeSeen Partner program!

Partners, helping to grow and maintain these platforms, are entitled to submit their events/promotions to #BeSeen!

How to #BeSeen:

How does it work?

You create an article/event/promotion via the user-friendly partner tool on www.allabout.city

What Happens then?

Editing of your article/event/promotion
Once submitted, an admin will make sure your article/event/promotion is correct and all data complete.

Embedding of your social media accounts, video & audio files.
Now visitors can interact with your content, like & scroll your Facebook fan page, see your latest Tweets and play video/audio files without leaving your listing nor having to open a third-party app

Adding a location map
Visitors will see the exact location and, if provided, detailed instructions on how to get there.

Programming of your favourite RSVP buttons
Visitors can now buy a ticket and/or call / WhatsApp / email & message you on several platforms, directly from your listing with a single click.

Publishing & featuring on the relevant home pages
Your article will appear on all relevant websites, the positioning might change to keep visitors interested.

Social Media Sharing
Your listing will be shared in the relevant of our 150 platforms, to make sure your venue, events & promotions are gonna #BeSeen by our 50,000 members & visitors per day!

The listing will now #BeSeen!

In 2019, 2,744,049 visitors (952,240 from Singapore) had spent 3,783,331 Minutes on www.allabout.city to view 5,254,985 pages.

On social media, we count more than 200,000 members/followers, but all our platforms are open to the public to reach a wider audience. More than 70% of group members are active, the platforms are moderated daily, also spam- & advertising-free, content is restricted to the platform's subject.

#BeSeen partners are eligible for pre-approval in the relevant Facebook groups, editor status on relevant fan pages and event-organizer status in the relevant MeetUp groups.

Partnership Options:

All About City - Singapore Partner

Posted in Permanent | Posted on January 16, 2020
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