Belly Dance (Friday)

Belly Dance Your Way to Good Health!

Guided by experienced and award-winning Belly Dance expert Sophia Meng and her team, come join our happy class to learn Egyptian and Oriental Belly Dance techniques and original choreography in a fun and interactive environment.

Every Friday, 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM | Mahota Activity Studio Level 3, 809 French Rd

Did you know that apart from being a super fun dance workout, Belly Dance has been shown to be effective in helping to decrease back pain, improve posture, aid digestion, reduce menstrual cramps and also enhance sleep and memory amongst other benefits?

Special Promo for Regular Week Day Classes
Sign up now to enjoy a Special Promo Package Price of $239 for 8 classes or $399 for 16 classes*.

Regular Week Day Belly Dance Classes at Mahota Activity Studio
Mondays 11.20am-12.20pm and Fridays 6.45pm-7.45pm

Each Belly Dance package purchased has to be completed within 3 MONTHS for 8 CLASSES and 5 MONTHS for 16 CLASSES from the date of purchase.

Location Map

Mahota Activity Studio Level 3

Mahota Activity Studio Level 3

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