Baybeats Festival 2019

Baybeats Festival 2019


Friday - Sunday, 23 -25 August 2019 @Esplanade

The biggest music festival of its kind in Singapore and the region,  Baybeats  presents a fist-pumping line-up showcasing prominent Singapore and international acts, covering genres including folk, pop, R&B, hip hop, metal, post-rock, emo, punk, electro and everything in between.

Entering its 18th edition,  Baybeats continues a highly successful collaboration with  EMONIGHTSG, presenting a late-night party at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. Continuing its expansion to encompass hip hop and rap, the Annexe Studio will play host to a diverse range of rhymes and rhythms from all across the world. Also look forward to the closing day party with DJs from the Analog Vault up in the second floor terrace.

This year sees a new lease of life for the iconic  Powerhouse Stage, which will be shifted to the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. One of the festival's main stages, the Powerhouse stage was created specifically for  Baybeats, making its appearance annually since 2007. The old Powerhouse Stage makes way for Esplanade's new waterfront theatre, slated to be ready in 2020.

Expect a whole new Powerhouse experience, with the redressed Outdoor Theatre specially adapted for your head bangin’ pleasure. Get hyped with top bands from across the region rocking out with the Singapore skyline as an epic backdrop to some epic sounds.

Through the Baybeats Budding initiatives, we gather the best of our homegrown talent not only in music-making but also other creative fields of music journalism, gig photography, video arts and more. This year, six bands were selected for the Baybeats Budding Bands mentorship programme. Cinnamon Persimmon, cues, No Rest For The Weary, Plate, Summations and The New Modern Lights will make their debut at Baybeats 2019.

So reach out, touch faith and rock on at Singapore’s very own alternative music festival, proudly presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

A four-piece band of merry gentlemen, Mannequins represents the golden age of no-frills rock and roll. The band’s debut EP Four was launched in Apr-2018 and is filled with sounds that are reminiscent of popular alternative rock tunes from the 1990s. The band members met in St. Patrick's Secondary School and first ventured onto the live stage in 2010, eventually making their Baybeats debut in 2013.

Sundays & Cybele is a three-piece psychedelic rock band from Hokkaido, Japan. The band is named after the notorious 1962 French movie. Kazuo Tsubouchi is the main person who writes the band’s music, which is heavily derived from 1960s–1970s Japanese psychedelic rock.

Summations was formed in late-2017 and is made up of members from other Singapore bands in Sean Sundaran (I, Devotion), Gary Doh (Decipher), Jethro Lim (Sally Suitcase) and Dzul Tay (BZ).
Originally the brainchild for Sundaran’s graduation show, the band has since gone on to explore the traditional aspects of post-rock, with searing lead lines and intricate rhythms that tell different stories and evoke a multitude of emotions.

Weaving the sensibilities of fuzzy indie dream-pop into a lyrical journey in the search for something unique in the mundanity of life in Singapore, The New Modern Lights create a soundtrack to teenage love and heartbreak, marrying sparkling melodies with a backdrop of ethereal and melancholic textures.

Golden Mammoth has since grown from a bedroom endeavour into a collective with the addition of Que, Zaki, Faris and Ojay. The group began making their presence in the Malaysian music industry by participating in The Wknd Recording Fund, finishing third in the overall competition. In 2016, the band released its sophomore album Metaphoric Quadraphonic.

LEW is a Singapore singer-songwriter who strives to translate emotions into an embrace that is rough but real. In 2017, he released his debut album Lullacry at a sold-out album launch event. Lullacry reached number one on the Singapore iTunes Charts, number six in China, and number nine in Taiwan, while amassing over 5.6 million plays on Spotify to date. LEW’s music focuses on themes surrounding the human connection and emotional healing.

Tell Lie Vision (TLV) is a four-piece alternative rock band that aims to combine heavy guitar melodies with theatrical finesse to create a signature sound that they can truly call their own. Having collected numerous accolades since their inception in 2012, the band has evolved and grown through the years, with its current line-up comprising of Vikkash Suruchand (vocals/guitars), Hairul Azman (vocals/guitars), Irfan Samsuri (bass) and Lester Chua (drums).

Formed in 2011, Stopgap is a Singaporean indie rock outfit comprising lead vocalist Adin Kindermann; guitarists and backup vocalists Yew Jin Lee and Calvin Phua; bassist Grayson Seah; and drummer Eldad Leong. The band has performed a multitude of shows and appeared at a number of music festivals in Singapore. Stopgap won the Noise Singapore Award in 2013, before going on to play Baybeats in 2014, as well as releasing their single Crossing Swords, which has garnered regular airtime on Singapore radio.

Started as a solo effort almost a decade ago, Iman's League has evolved into one of the most prolific bands Singapore has produced. Blending traditional punk rock sounds from the likes of Blink-182, NOFX and No Use for a Name with a dash of Japanese anime punk rock reminiscent of Totalfat and dustbox, the band’s music possesses distinctive and catchy melodies. In 2015, Iman’s League were awarded with Best Band and Best Song at the annual Anugerah Planet Muzik Awards.

Rudra are the pioneers of Vedic metal, characterised as a bridge between the east and the west through incorporation of Indian traditional music elements, Sanskrit chants and mantras into metal music. The band has a reputation of being consistently innovative, pushing the boundaries of metal music since forming in 1992. Recorded on a shoestring budget, the band’s self-titled first album was released in 1998 and proved to be a monumental success, with songwriting focused on Vedic philosophies.

As the first alternative rock party of its kind in Southeast Asia, EMONIGHTSG is the celebration of an era that moulded teens, offered shoulders to cry on in the form of sappy and emotional tunes, and most importantly—taught acceptance over rejection.

Reality Club's performance is a ride that you hope will never end—expect genuine emotion and energy poured into every single song.

Formed in 2018, Cinnamon Persimmon is a five-piece band that plays math, funk and rock-inspired tunes. The band comrpises Brandon Lim (guitars), Brandon Lim (drums), Jonathan Lim (bass), Joshua Phua (keyboards) and Zhu Yuan Laura (vocals). Cinnamon Persimmon aims to deliver music that is spicy, fruity and most importantly, fresh.They hope to see you at the harvest.

새소년 SE SO NEON is a South Korean band formed in Seoul in 2016. The band consists of So-Yoon (vocals/guitar), U Su (drums) and Park Hyunjin (bass). They have explored their own brand of lo-fi and vintage sound ever since, with a wide spectrum of musical influences varying from blues, jazz, psychedelic rock to new wave and synth pop. Their live performances; incorporating enchanting vocals and the impassioned guitar playing of So-Yoon; groovy basslines of Hyunjin; and the unique drumming style of U Su; have attracted a great amount of attention.

No Rest For The Weary is a deathcore band from Singapore, which was started in 2008. In 2010, the band released their EP The Dorian Invasion. Centred around the album, the band played shows across Southeast Asia, including a Malaysia tour. In Apr-2019, the band went on a week-long Japan tour. No Rest For The Weary is scheduled to release their next album later this year.

Weaving sounds well beyond the confines of their bedroom pop beginnings, Singapore-based trio Sobscaptures an awkward yet endearing introversion, their music replete with playful melodies that front a dream pop backdrop.

Among the slew of current Filipino rock outfits that currently make-up the Philippines’ independent music scene, very few can match the standard and intensity of Franco Philippines.

I, Devotion is a seven-piece post-hardcore band from Singapore who are passionate about what they love doing—writing music that people can relate to. The band was formed in early 2010 by four schoolmates from different musical backgrounds. Their first EP Our Loss, Our Hope, was well-received with a metalcore-influenced sound that was sorely missing in Singapore.

Speak Up is a punk rock band from Indonesia. Their music explores environment issues, social issues and love. The band’s name was derived from four young boys’ dreams of freedom of speech, to describe what they really see and feel. SPEAKUP’s music is strongly influenced by 1990s punk rock, drawing inspiration from bands like Bad Religion, No Use for a Name, Satanic Surfers, The Ramones, Rise Against and Box Car Racer.

위댄스 Wedance is a duo comprising Wevo on vocals and Wegui on guitar. Hailed as one of the most original bands of this generation, Wedance’s music is described as an intellectual mix of alternative, punk, dance, rock and pop. The band has played major international festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival and Primavera Sound. They bring their eclectic sounds to Singapore for the first time at Baybeats 2019.

AKLO was born in Tokyo and grew up in Mexico City. In 2012, his debut album The Package hit the number one spot on the iTunes Japan chart, culminating in a nomination for Best New Artist. In 2013, AKLO recorded the official anniversary song for Nike Air Force One’s 30th anniversary, titled The Future One.

Aliff Shaharom (more commonly known as Airliftz) is a multi-faceted hip hop and R&B artist. He made his first public performance at Raising The Bar, where he met his mentor, rapper Jin Hackman. He announced his arrival into the scene as a formidable up-and-comer with the self-produced Gwalos.

MEAN is an artist who constantly keeps his musical style fluid and ever-changing, creating a unique and fresh brand of hip hop sound. His versatility as a rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer allows him to seamlessly adapt to different styles and explore various soundscapes.

T-REX sg is a groove rock band from Singapore. Blending elements of progressive rock, psychedelic jazz and dub, the band promises a rush of emotions to audiences. Expect an eclectic, bombastic and multi-textural stereo spectrum of sounds.

Comprising Hui Jun, Rex and twin sisters Germaine and Gina, Cues is a four-piece instrumental band from Singapore. Influenced by post and math rock bands, they seek to craft light, yet intricate and sweeping melodies. They don't play snooker.
cues is a Baybeats Budding Band.

Putri Soeharto (more popularly known byRamengvrl) is one of the few female rappers in Indonesia. She broke out onto the scene in 2016 with her debut single I’m Da Man and has since released several hit singles including CA$HMERE, I AM ME, whats ur problem and a mixtape No Bethany. She has also collaborated with notable artists such as Dipha Barus, Mardial and Afgan, among others.

Offensively musical jokers who marched onstage to the AMthunderous chants of the crowd for their debut release Agrovilan, Amterible is the BEST BAND YOU'VE NEVER HEARD! Having shared the stage with international and Singapore acts, the skrunk punk rockers have always held their own flame to their own lame.

Slapshock celebrates their 22 years in the music industry at Baybeats 2019, having first formed in 1997. They are currently on their Bandera tour, promoting their ninth studio album atake, which was released in 2017.

Marijannah is a stoner/doom metal band from Singapore that is made up of members of Wormrot, Abolition A.D. and The Caulfield Cult. The band's debut record Till Marijannah was released in early-2018 and features the single Snakecharmer, which has been described as a “six-minute behemoth (that) stands well on its own, with blown-out production and blazing riffs for days” by Bandwagon Asia. The band comprises Rasyid Juraimi (guitar and vocals), Nicholas Wong (drums and vocals), Nicholas Ng “Skinny” (guitar and vocals) and Muhd Azri Azman (bass).

SHYE is a 16-year-old artist from Singapore. In the solitude of her bedroom, Shye experiments, writes and produces everything by herself. She has been likened to artists such as Clairo and Billie Eilish. Shye’s music can be described as a mixture of dream pop, and bedroom pop, with a dash of electro-pop. Her performances are light-hearted but always carry the important message of loving oneself.

MOJA is an extreme rock duo comprising Masumi and Haru, which was formed in 2007. In 2008, they came in third at the Global Battle of the Bands. Since then, they have performed at renowned festivals such as SXSW Texas, FOCUS Wales and many more. Masumiʼs superhuman drumming and Haruʼs growling heavy basslines and ferocious vocals combine to blow audiences minds, making it difficult to resist the urge to mosh. Witness this world-class rock spectacle!

Tucked in between dark beats, deft lyricism and immersive vocals lies Singapore indie-electronic duo[.gif]. Made up of Weish and Din, the band started out in late-2012 as a passion project.

Donning the name Halcyon, multi-instrumentalist Zhong Ren has been writing and performing his own songs, while juggling stints with rock and folk bands over the years. It was not until one fateful day, when he discovered the drumming of Jason Cruz, that he truly felt like a band could work out.

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Esplanade Singapore

Esplanade, Singapore

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