Art & History Tour at Gillman Barracks

Uncover exciting contemporary art whilst getting an introduction to the history of Gillman Barracks.

An opportunity to appreciate artworks by established and emerging local and international artists, learn about their practices, techniques, and what inspires them. This tour will visit a selection of the Gillman Barracks world-class art galleries and the Centre for Contemporary Art (NTU CCA).

Every Saturday,  4 pm - 5.30 pm | 1.5 hours | Free Admission | Gillman Barracks

Named after British General Sir Webb Gillman, Gillman Barracks is set amid lush greenery and was set up in 1936 as a British Camp. The conserved colonial barracks now house galleries, NTU Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA), and creative businesses.

The local and international galleries feature diverse and ever-changing contemporary art exhibitions, while CCA aims to bolster the region's visual arts landscape through its local and international artist residency, research, and exhibition programs.

FOM - Gillman Barracks Outreach

Friends of the Museum (FOM) has partnered with the National Arts Council (NAC) to bring the art and history of Gillman Barracks to Singapore's audience.

FOM is a volunteer organization with around 2000 members who have a passion for learning and sharing knowledge about Singapore and Southeast Asia's history, culture, and art.

FOM trained docents conduct tours at eight of Singapore's world-class museums and now at Gillman Barracks, Asia’s up-and-coming art destination, home of 10 art galleries showcasing a diverse range of contemporary art and the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA).

Register for the tour.

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