Apply for a Work Permit for a Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore

You can apply for a Work Permit for a foreign domestic worker (FWD) either on your own or through an employment agency.

You also need to take certain steps to prepare for your worker's arrival.

At a glance

Who can apply: Employer, sponsor, or authorized employment agent (EA).

How much it costs:
When you submit the application: $35 for each pass
When you get the pass issued: $35 for each pass

How long it takes
FDW eService: within 1 week, unless more information is required.
Application form: within 3 weeks for most cases.

Steps for applying

Employer or employment agent (EA)
Submit an application: In-principle approval or rejection letter
Prepare for FDW's arrival: Security bond, insurance, etc.
Get the permit issued: Temporary Work Permit
Receive the card: Work Permit card

Register fingerprints and photo (if required): Acknowledgment of card delivery

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Apply, issue, renew, extend, cancel and reinstate Work Permit
Check card delivery status
Make an appointment
more eServices and forms


Check with the FDW’s embassy on whether there are additional requirements for her to leave her countries, such as a visa or overseas government letter.

If you are hiring a second FDW, you need to meet the criteria.

If you are hiring a transfer FDW, find out what you need to do.

If you are married, you and your spouse can combine your incomes when applying for a Work Permit.

Low-income employers or senior citizens living alone may be able to apply under a special scheme.

You can consider part-time help with household chores as an alternative to hiring a helper.

Source: Ministry of Manpower



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