Discovery Walk in The Parks

Do you want to go on a discovery walk in the parks and different districts of Singapore?

We are here to offer you a variety of activities with a single watchword: conviviality! These activities are organized for everyone: during the day.

Every Wednesday morning | Free Admission

Every Wednesday morning, take a breath of fresh air by joining the organized walks in the parks and neighborhoods of Singapore.

These walks, open to everyone and with a distance of between 6 and 10 km, are moderate in pace and in small groups of around 20 people.

They often end around a fresh fruit juice. On your sneakers!

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About AFS - Singapour Accueil

Is an association whose mission is to welcome French and Francophones to Singapore, promote mutual aid and exchanges within the community and participate in your integration into the City-State.

It is a huge network of sharing where more than 60 volunteers work to make Singapore discover and appreciate in a spirit of conviviality and solidarity. The association offers meetings, visits, artistic and sporting activities, conferences, or even job search assistance throughout the year.

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