Thursday, 23 December 2021 | 12.30 pm | 30mins(no intermission) | $10 | Esplanade Concert Hall

Enjoy an enchanting afternoon of harp ensemble music, as The Harp Quarterly presents a timeless selection of familiar tunes to ring in the festive season. Be in for a treat with the glistening sounds of four harps in this light-hearted and magical experience!

About The Harp Quarterly

Formed by a group of Singaporean harpists, The Harp Quarterly is devoted to sharing their knowledge and love of the harp to a wider community. Previously known as La Vie En Harpe, the versatile and dynamic harp ensemble made their debut in 2020 and has since performed at Victoria Concert Hall, Esplanade Concourse and Our Tampines Hub for both live and digital concerts. The Harp Quarterly ‘harps’ together at least four times a year ̶ exploring, arranging and performing repertoire covering a range of styles from classical to jazz.

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