Come one, come all, and step into a world where you’ll get to meet all your favourite fairytale princesses...just not quite as you remember them!

From pop star mermaids, to narcoleptic princesses, to sassy fairy godmothers, come meet these dreamgirls of lore. All it takes is a wave of a magic wand (and a healthy dose of self-acceptance) to make all your dreams come true!

1 May - 30 Jun 2019 @PeopleUp, Pandan Gardens

22 Stories is a brand new immersive theatrical experience from ANDSOFORTH Jr., the masterminds behind hit shows such as Tales of Grimmsneyland and Wonderland. This time around, audiences are in for a big treat as they enter a sprawling, 20,000 square foot play area and explore 22 unique, Instagram-worthy experiential rooms.

Suitable for both the young and young at heart, get ready as your favourite childhood stories come to life through meetings with familiar characters and interactive art installations across four colourful, unique worlds. Promising plenty of laughs, fun and all-around wonder, satisfy your curiosity and get ready for the epic adventure of a lifetime.

Explore The 4 Lands


Follow young, adventurous Alice and squeeze on down the rabbit hole to discover the underground realm of the Lewis Carroll-inspired Wonderland. Things can and will only get curiouser and curiouser with every room you find yourself in; come meet strange denizens like the time-warped Mad Hatter, as you engage in a very mad tea party indeed as you dine on biscuits and engage in increasingly odd riddles. Learn how to play a game of croquet with a friendly playing card, but watch out - he might have a couple of sleights of hands hidden up his sleeve, so don’t let him cheat! Catch the elusive Cheshire Cat…if you can.

Hint: You might be able to catch this finicky feline if you look out for his ‘tell-tail’ sign - a big wide grin. And of course, no trip to Wonderland is complete if you don’t meet the maniacal monarch herself - the hysterical Queen of Hearts as she threatens for heads to roll by the second if she isn’t pleased. Outwit, outplay and outlast, and you’ll come out of Wonderland in awe of all the oddities it has to offer you.

Land of Nights

Gather your courage and steel your heart for a whole new world with this realm inspired by the Arabic classic, One Thousand and One Nights. Aimed at brave souls only, start your desert trek by meeting the legendary Ali Baba, best known for his catchphrase ‘Open Sesame’ as you travel with him into the Cave of Gold to find valuable treasure. But watch out - treasure attracts thieves, and in this case, forty of them might just show up at your doorstep to rob you of your hard-earned gold!

Sometimes though, you’ll end up meeting the rare ‘nice’ thief instead - the devilishly dashing Aladdin, prince of thieves. He’s fallen in love with the Sultan’s beautiful, fiesty daughter - Princess Jasmine Badroulbadour. Maybe you’ll be the one to help him work his charms on her, it might just end up in a happy coupling! But even if that doesn’t work, there’s always the surefire way to get what you want - with a magical, all-powerful wish granting Genie! Rub his magic lamp and you’ll come face to face with the mighty deity. Think of something you’ve always wanted and if you’re good, he’ll grant your wish!

End your epic journey with a ride on a magic carpet and fly your way across the desert’s night sky, sure to leave you breathless with wonder.


Ever wanted to meet some real royalty? Grimmsneyland is a place where princesses and fairy godmothers take charge, and you’ll be befriending some of your favourite monarchs to be in this world of twisted fairy tales. Go under the sea and meet the Little Mermaid as she enlists your help in finding some lost items. Who knows - she might just reward you with a beautiful song if you’re successful! Head on over to drowsy Sleeping Beauty, who dreams that someday her prince will come…maybe. In the meantime, you can come bathe in her light and learn all about her story, and how she came to be cursed to sleep all the time.

Step out and encounter Snow White sans the seven dwarves, and you’ll learn all about the apple that knocked her into a coma. This is some seriously deadly fruit, and you’ll get a lesson in the history and symbolism of the apple, from the very beginning of time itself.

Meet poor Cinderella, who wishes to go to the ball. Be nice to her, and you’ll get a chance to take a ride in her magical pumpkin carriage! None of this magic would be possible without a guardian angel, or more specifically, a fairy godmother. And so it is that you’ll meet Fabrizia, who will teach you all about the power of self-belief, and that you too can be anything you want to be when you set your heart and your mind to it!


Poor Mama Swan seems to have gotten separated from one of her children, and it’s up to you to help her find him! To do this, you’ll have to venture into the nursery story-inspired Storyland, where familiar childhood rhymes and tales come alive.

Follow the path and you’ll eventually wind up through a dark forest, at the end of which lies a tantalizing candy house. There, you might find hungry Hansel (he seems to have lost his sister Gretel), nibbling away at the doors and licking the windows. Too much candy will rot your soul though, and the sweet scent of children will only lure the house’s owner - the Candy Witch herself! Whether she’s friend or foe, we’ll leave you to find out for yourself.

Carry on and find yourself with a magic beanstalk, where you can climb on up and meet its owner - Jack! Have fun sliding down it, and before long, you’ll arrive at a beautiful room full of mirrors, where you’ll find a narcissistic Emperor who loves loves loves his clothes. Don’t get too distracted for too long by your own handsome mug, and you’re sure to find Mama Duck’s lost baby, and reunite them for a happy ending worth writing about!

1 May - 30 Jun 2019 @PeopleUp
Friday: 5.30pm - 9.30pm
Weekends: 10am-2pm, 5.30pm - 9.30pm

Location Map

PeopleUp @ Pandan 200 Pandan Gardens, Singapore 609336

200 Pandan Gardens, PeopleUp Sports & Enrichment Hub, Jurong East, Singapore 609336, Singapore

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