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Southeast Asia's hub for the arts & culture scene!

Singapore’s arts and culture scene is diverse, dynamic, and constantly evolving. From traditional to contemporary, local to international, there is something for everyone to enjoy and experience. Whether you are a music lover, an art enthusiast, or simply curious about the city’s cultural heritage, Singapore has plenty to offer. The country’s cultural heritage is diverse, with influences from Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western traditions. This mix of cultures has created a unique and exciting arts scene that draws inspiration from both local and international sources.


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Singapore offers a wide variety of hotels, starting from budget- / capsule- hotels up to 6 stars or even brand-new container-hotels in the CBD area! All About City is listing…

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Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Serapong, Larkhill Road, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099394 Nestled on Larkin Road, this 140-room award-winning resort has won numerous awards for its elegant conservation efforts. Housed in…

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Even it is hot & humid - it can't get any more romantic than a Garden Wedding for the most important day! Here a list with all venues to say…

Hotels in Marina Bay Singapore

Ascott Raffles Place Singapore Ascott Raffles Place Singapore is housed within a restored 1950s heritage structure, that was once the tallest building in South East Asia, and features an Art…

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